During a typical life span a human spends an average of 6 years dreaming. And yet dreams continue to remain both a scientific and societal mystery. The International Archive of Dreams is a library/archive and floating boat museum dedicated to dreaming, which invites people to document their dream experiences and participate in workshops, drink tea and dream. The space will also host monthly performances, using sublimely ridiculous dream narratives as inspiration for theatrical and musical performance. Our online archive is accessible to all, where people can share their dreams and discover others’. 

Regardless of class or race, be you vegetarian or kleptomaniac, princess or pirate, homeless or at home, we all dream. This is one surreal yet beautiful human/animal phenomena that connects us all. This space is a reaction to these ideas, and attempts to create a microcosm of the mind. That it floats is of the utmost importance- the space must be able to reach multiple communities, move and disappear…

Dream Catchers:

Lucie Treacher  :  Founder and Creative Director

Lucie is a performer and sound artist, but wishes she was a starfish. Lucie has created work for venues such as the Southbank Centre, Kings Place, the Cadogan Hall, Saatchi Gallery and St Martin's and the Fields as well as on beaches, in subterranean caves and bathrooms. 

Lucie has a degree in ethnomusicology and is currently practicing tight-rope walking... www.lucietreacher.com

Catalin Filip: Visual Designer and Sculptor 

Catalin is an architect at Stein Studio and a sculptor and designer. Catalin has created pavilions and community spaces in Europe and Africa, with a focus on eco-architecture. Catalin lives on a houseboat and repurposes objects to create bespoke sculptures.

Josie Malinowski  :  Oneirologist (Dream expert) and Psychologist-in-residence

Josie is a lecturer in Psychology at the University of East London and dream researcher. 

Her interests in psychology range from consciousness, altered states of reality, the default mode of thinking, embodied cognition, to Conceptual Metaphor Theory, and much more. 

Ruby Revell :  Archivist and Creative Contributor 

Ruby is an artist, calligrapher and librarian for the University of London. Originally from Cornwall, Ruby studied at Central Saint Martins and creates experimental immersive theatre and other peculiar phenomena. 


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