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I1bHTRE2018 Felt like small fireworks

Set a night. Perhaps sort of China Town or a pagoda, different levels... lots of sleeping bags. Partly involved climbing. Played some kora too but might have been sitting on stones on beach. There were I think cables everywhere. There was an activity- perhaps jumping, somehow with little LEDS. It felt like small fireworks.

I1bUmem2021 Orange

Long corridor. I start walking. I place an orange on the floor. I walk a few steps and turn around. The orange is gone. I look up. I see the orange. It drops from the ceiling. Near me appear two more oranges. The original orange disintegrates, so do the other two shortly after. Then, I wake up.


I2bNTRE2018 Lucid worlds


I had a dream that we were trying to lucid dream together: so I dreamt that we were discussing it and then we fell asleep inside the dream and went into another dream where we were canoeing up hill! Meanwhile throughout I was aware that everything was a dream, so I was lucid myself.


I8bUTRE2000 Swinging in tunnels


This is a recurring dream that I had as a child. I am sitting on a swing (swinging) in a black tunnel with a small house beside me made up of primary colours- it is perhaps smaller that me myself. Then suddenly there is an unbearable roar down the tunnel, I don’t just hear it but feel it like a breeze like the rush of a train coming past except there is no train. And then I wake up. 

I1bUITA2018 A goodbye to childhood


This is a demarcating dream that I had a bout 2 weeks ago. I was riding a train and at each stop I witnessed a conceptual hole: an essence of childhood, a nucleus of childhood and harmony which I was connected to, a memory that I had experienced at some point. At the last stop I reached I realised that I could no longer have that anymore and I woke up crying intensely. It was like going down memory lane- very abstract.

I6bHITA2018 Climbing holes


I am in a very dark tall hole in the ground. There is a sort of grey mist all around. There is a sort of rock climbing facility (I do rock climbing) on the walls. As I climb I feel that someone is coming. I have this feeling all throughout the dream It's very unnerving and frightening, so much so that I wake up (or at least I think I'm awake) and I see my friend come into the room and stand by the window looking down at me...

I1bUGUL2018 Demonstration of something 


I was trying to organise a demonstration of something, I can't remember what exactly. It required many strange objects and tools. The most important things I needed were jam jars, but I also needed a circular saw and a marrow. These last two were a problem as I wasn't allowed onto the location with them. The other problem was that the location didn't have a floor, which didn't mean I fell it just made it difficult to concentrate with the blank whiteness beneath my feet. I thought the solution would be to break the marrow, but I instantly regretted doing this. It was all very stressful and I was glad to wake up before the demonstration began.

I1bECAT2014 The End 1.


I'm on the coast, it's summer and I can feel a warm breeze coming from the sea. I'm by myself sitting on the grass looking out to the open sea. Lots of other people sit all over the coast. Everyone sits quietly looking at the sea. But we all know what we are waiting for. It's the end. We're waiting for the big wave to come. Yet no one is scared, we just sit there are wait.


Icelandic car factory, all black, a state of emergency.

I1bCCAT2014 The End 2.


I'm at the second floor in an old house. There's no furniture and the timber floor makes noises when I step on it. The rooms are large and have high ceilings. There are lots of people around in each room, yet it's really quiet- no one is speaking everyone stands and waits calmly. I feel the same. I take a few steps towards the window which is large and open. The sky is cloudy but it's not raining yet/ Stone paved streets are empty but I see other people at windows. We are all calm, waiting for the earthquake to start. We all know everything is going to fall.

I6bHULY2018 Pointless to go back 


Basically, first I was in Berlin and it was very different Berlin, it looked like the Vatican, with gothic churches. It was very cold but very sunny like the weather of a couple of days ago and I was walking around the city. And then I kind of have this dream inside my dream where I am in Peru with my dad riding bicycles, with my dog. It is summer. Suddenly I hear a voice say: “It’s pointless to go back” and then I wake up. 

I1bUCAT2018 Cable car horizon


I dream about a beautiful place, a city, I was driving through it, what a beautiful place and what a good city to drive in, lots of hills and meeting people on the way. And then I went to see the sun set, the horizon was like a cable car, like a flee, it was jumping for the tourists. And you asked me how it did it and I came up with a theory. Then it was winter, it was so beautiful and I started seeing a lot of people I know and everyone was talking in poetry.

I1tHTRE2018 Moving house vs. ice-cream


I was moving house but had to eat ice-cream at the same time. Lots of awkward people and coat hangers on the tube. Some point I was asked to watch a musical but I only stayed for 5 minutes as I was running out of time.



I’d have this nightmare about not being able to turn off the TV…



Making Risotto for cricket club tea, but only made enough for 1 team. Very stressful!

I9bHNOD2018 Irritated dwarf in another universe


I floated up from my body and started to go through the wall. I got stuck and thought I’d wake up. Instead I ‘teleported’ into another world. Tired, undulating wave apartments of solid sandstone. As I focused they appeared more cartoon-like. There were no people, no roads, no cars- only canals. I ‘teleported’ again into an apartment high up. I called for a dream character and a dwarf approached, looking irritated. He asked what girl I chose to get there. Me: ??? Him: did you see a virus warning? Me: ??? Him: ! You need to be careful going into the ‘gaps’, sometimes it’s a trap! Then I woke up…

I7bCNOD2012 It looked like snow in Atlanta


I dreamt I turned the corner and it snowed. There was a queue and a Chinese restaurant with a slanted entrance. A few days later, on my way to my friend’s place, I called and asked if she wants me to bring food. She told me to turn the corner and get Chinese. I saw the EXACT place from my dream (I’ve never been to Atlanta before). There was no snow (it was September) but, just as I turned the corner, a bus sped past and bits of paper from a box behind it flew in the air. It looked like snow…

I1bHTRE2018 Parkouring with diamond nipples


I feel I’m at some sort of camp waiting for my parents. A lot has happened by this point in the dream but can’t remember it. Somehow I’m wearing football boots and there’s this guy I’m determined to tell him I’m a footballer. I look at the map and we are in Algeria but it’s Switzerland and I’m trying to work out why there is a river called China and then I look closer and they all have one called china. Parkour/teleport over to parkour academy outside the steps there are a load of annoying weirdos from my past. Then looking at instructions on how to sail I don’t know about sailing but I create these really detailed intricate parts in my head. Then cat is sticking diamante stickers on my nipples.

IbHALB2018 Avocado boat

I was a passenger on a little train with wheels driving along the road in the countryside. It's destination was the sea in the Czech Republic. My seat neighbour was on the wrong train and got off just before the German/Czech border. 

When we arrived at the coast, we saw a beautiful mundane seaside resort town in Mediterranean style quite like Monte Carlo or Nice. We had to get off the train and enter town via little boats, all connected by a long rope, each fitting just one person and looking like half an avocado where the passenger sits in the space of the seed.

When everyone had arrived at the promenade, I heard that there was a famous violin maker in town, but I woke up before I could see the violins.

I1bNGRE2018 Finish to start


The dream is from start to finish but when I wake up I know very clearly that the logic of the dream was from finish to start. I’m very aware that though I’m going forward in time in the dream the causation is going backwards. Whatever happened at the end of the dream caused me to say something at the start of the dream, which triggered the next event. It bounces back and forth in time. The dream events aren’t ordered but when I remember the whole thing my brain reorders them. I’ve had that feeling a lot of time in the dream. 

I1bHTRE2018 A tangle of threads


Different elements of dream, can’t remember what happened when:

(in no particular order)

-There was a textbook about a couple, the woman fell out the sky and this strengthened the love of their relationship

-There was a ship I was commuting on, but it had no lights and my dad was worried about me because if I fell off ship at night they wouldn’t be able to see me 

-Worked/was a slave in a fabric shop cutting red velvet

-Went on a walk up a rock path (waterfall?) with distant family members. Started joking about suicide, everyone went quiet and I realised that perhaps ? tried it.

-Canteen at the airport, which you had to go through and eat- but it was free (a bit like going through security)

-Brother got job as wedding and funeral planner, mum was convinced this was the right job for him.

I1bHTRE2018 Easter birthday lecture with bazuki

Part 1: Building tents/structures some guy built plane called Griselda or something it was competitive.

Part 2: It was my birthday and had organised a party but no-one really came. I started to faint and an ambulance came but then I went down to the cliffs and same that lots were there but were already canoeing on the sea. Blissful. Then we canoed into this museum/classroom and attended a lecture thing on ethnomusicology with dreams by a lady who said that people were scared of “academic colours” which made total sense. Back home, climbing through a tiny window door and up into the high street. Tried to play a giant giant bazooka (mandolin thing) and I think a cow horn at a wonderful shop. Then the party turned to Easter and my friend Fiona gave out a lucky dip of chocolates. Everyone got good ones but I got a rubbish chocolate BUT I got hundreds of pounds, because I provided food last time we met. I still remember all the kinds of chocolates (chocolate lolly, maltesers etc)

13bNDAV? Mustard mayhem 


Often have terrible nightmares about savoury food not sure why. Once I was drowning in a sea of mustard then woke up in a cold sweat and went for a hot salt beef bagel with extra mustard. 



Two punks with multicoloured hair in leather jackets on the street-



Leave all the baggage behind. 

I1bNMIC2018 Butter Role


I had a very detailed dream last night about making a cheese and tomato baguette and the role of butter in that sandwich. It was such a mundane and tasty dream. 

I1bU?? Always late for school


Arriving at school really late in the year, so I am the only one who doesn’t know what’s going on. I have this dream a few times a year!



I dreamed that I could go to an ice castle. 

I1bNGRE2018 Wake up laughing


These were some kind of lucid dreaming dreams which repeated:

I woke up laughing, because in the dream you realised that it was so absurd and funny what you dreamt. With a big smile you then sleep in again, trying to steer the dream in another direction. 

I3bMJUA2018 Strange parading creatures


I saw strange creatures paraded. They were doing a sort of ritual. They passed by my window. It was night-time- dark. No moonlight. But I remember stars. I was very scared. But I don’t remember the end. 

I3bHJAM2000 Welcome to Salmon Land


My dad picked me up from school in a fast convertible car. He drove home at an extremely fast speed, until I fell out of the car, flying over a fence into someone’s garden. It was an intensely dull garden, with only a plain grass lawn surrounded by plain wooden fences. In the centre of the lawn was a tall man dressed in ceremonial purple robes, from the ‘Stonecutters’ episode of the Simpsons. He incanted: 


I1bUTRE2018 Masked dance


Selling masks rather than tickets to a posh ball, which turns out to be full of Balinese masked dancers. 

I1bMEDG2016 Network of lights


I was in the bathroom looking out the window: The sky was an incredible-awe-inspiring network of lights. It was like looking out of a plane at night, you know, when you see the city lights and the traffic snaking? But I was looking UP into the sky rather than down from it. It stretched out as far as the eye could see, three dimensionally in all directions. It was a bit like an illuminated map. I woke up with a sense of awe and wonder. 


I1bETRE2018 Fat figurines


Little red figurines with fat faces which were somehow precious or made by a famous artist which I had to move across a space a bit like playing chess with myself but there tsunamis and crazy earthquakes kept coming making it impossible to do so. 



I dreamt of the pizza we left at the museum. 

I1bMHOL2018 Worm on the wall


Last night I woke up in a strange room and didn’t know where I was. For a nearly a minute I didn’t know who or what or where. I’m not sure it was a dream but it was dark… There was a painting of a worm on the wall

I1bHTRE2018 Hipster whirlpool bus


Abstract but there was definitely:


A whirlpool I was sucked into

A tiny Romanian village full of hipster cafe

A bus, on which the bus driver wouldn’t except my cash as it was illustrated

A horrible new years party which I left before new years

I1bHTRE2018 Anchor exhibit 


I was taking anchors out of the sea and displaying them by a wall- some of them were frozen. Then went down into the tube. At the bottom of the escalators were sofas, with people lounging around. There was a moment in mum’s car where the hand break broke. A moment of swimming in freezing water too and then going to a charity shop to find clothes, with lots of Polish women. 



When I need to sort things out I dream that my house has more rooms than it does. 



I’m balancing a snooker table on my head.



A huge lawn mower ploughs over daisies.

I1bHTRE2018 Accordion Orchestra


At a hotel, where we could switch on the moon. Lots of swimming pools. In the charity shop I bought an accordion orchestra. It was lots of different accordions of different shapes and forms, packed inside a long box with a painted whale. 

I1bCTRE2020 Town called Pucci

Had to walk back to boat late at night it was 10 miles north in town called Pucci. This lady was closing up her shop, invited me in (a bit creepy) I said no as it was times of COVID-19. She came outside and made me a hot chocolate pushing powder round the cup. She was pregnant. She walked me all the way up to Pucci and as we walked more people joined us. we got there early in the morning, she had a Diet Coke and left. 


I1bVFY2018 Equations


I was in a classroom like an auditorium with many other people. We were in a rush to do some counting of certain object i can't remember. A counting system similar to my real life job at Amazon. The instructor or boss was my first previous boss, who was a female. She instructed us to do it as fast a possible and get reward for being the fastest. I did receive a certain prize, which i can't remember what really was. After receiving the prize, the left over prize was distribute to the other. As I turn my head, to the right, to follow the prize being pass out to other people, I turn back to pay attention to my boss. She wasn't there but there was another person who was a man. I assumed the person is a new instructor. About the same time, the whole scene change a bite into a normal classroom with a normal chalkboard. The instructor wrong math equations on the board. As I was paying attention to the instructor, the equations kept changing. He was speaking but I could not hear much, only sounded like mumbling. On the chalkboard the writing on it changed a few times to different equations and drawing. I only remember 2 drawing with equations next or on them. First one was a counter-clockwise spiral shape. Following the end of it, there were writing and math equations, which i can't remember. Next appearance was an egg shape drawing. There were two lines going horizontal and vertical across inside the shape. On those line there were equations and numbers. Math was my strong subject in school but was not a total nerd of it. These equations I haven't never seen them before. Before I woke up, I heard the teacher mentioning Albert Einstein joking.



Parties where we only received half presents- I got half a clock.


Michelin star place, unnerving edge, strange characters and many rooms, I think I was looking for something.




My studio is in a puppet theatre but they keep switching rooms and desk spaces are getting closer together- there's something passive aggressive there. Get abducted somehow, wandering around in dark fields refusing money from horny/aggressive teenagers, get to exhibition it's all secret photos taken of me, I'm disgusted. On retrospect they weren't photos of me but somehow they were. Curious lady there collecting postcards of the works. 


There's something to do with Corona and bookshelves are shutting people in. 


It was dark all around. The only thing i was able to see is my house. Then, my house disappeared, then i got spanked.

I1bUNOO2011(maybe) Gordon Freeman

I was in a big cylinder area with a big pole down the middle. I was dressed in a grey suit. Suddenly there were several floating metal spiked balls chasing me an someone else who face i couldn\'t quiet make out, but kind of looked look Gordon Freeman( I saw my dad play half-life 2 that night) it ended right before I fell off a platform

I8bNSLIG2020 AP Comparative

Multiple dreams about being late to and/or missing my online AP Comparative Government exam. They happened the morning before the exam and I swear I had at least three separate dreams about it. I wasn\'t actually late for taking my test. :)

I1bNWAL2020 Cross Stitch

I had ordered a cross stitch online and the instructions said that when it was finished it could be soaked in water to get rid of the stamped directions. I dreamed that I had soaked it before I even started so I couldn\'t see the design at all. And for some reason, the fabric was a woven blanket with Mary on it.​

I1bNAUT2020 Empty Tiles

During the night between the 5th and the 6th of May 2020 , I dreamt that I was playing scrabble (a word game) and that I got 4 empty tiles, i. e. tiles that can be used as every possible letter. It was strange, because that is double the number of empty tiles in the game. :-)

I1bHKAT2020 Slightly muddy in some places

I was invited to a school function, even though I already graduated. It didn’t take place on school property and the gravity was a bit float-y. I never recognized any location I was in. The first location was a big, and I mean huge auditorium, where performances were happening. We were all pushed to the front section of it by the staff. I recognized two of my former classmates who were trying to sit further back and I called them out on it. Some kind of short presentation happened, then we were led elsewhere, I think backstage. We helped clean stuff up in the prop rooms. Next, we were led to a kitchen, with huge operating theater or semi-circle college classroom style platforms. We tried following along with whatever happened there, then we went to the storage rooms. They were huge as well. I missed the instructions due to being at the end of the row that fell behind. So I just kind of grabbed stuff because that’s what other people were doing. I kept asking if there was something I was supposed to be doing and I got shrugs from classmates and ignored by the staff. So I carried my supplies to my desk and placed them down. Everyone started to leave the kitchen area, so I followed some people out. It looked like farmlands outside. Slightly muddy in some places. There was a closed food truck outside and a bunch of underclassmen from previous years were hanging out around the area. Eventually staff started handing out, and later throwing cupcakes that apparently other classmates had made. I caught one or two, and hesitated eating them because I have celiac desease and wheat doesn’t settle well. But I ate them anyway and they were sweet and one was oddly minty, but minus the sweet. I went to the nearby house on the farmlands and this was the first time I felt cramped. I decided to use the bathroom in the house. I walked into the tiny living room. There were two hallway/stairwells that led downstairs from it. In between was a bathroom and hallway. It was very confusing to look at. I started to pick up that someone was probably going to try and jump out and scare me. An elderly woman who was the size of a child hopped up the stairs of the far hallway and jump/floated onto the couch. I talked to her in gibberish for a bit but got the idea that she was nice, and yes, her granddaughter was trying to scare people. I think she also mentioned she had autism. As I walked past the bathroom, she decided to not scare me, and shuffled out in full kabuki-style outfit and sat next to her gram. I continued through the house, and that’s where I woke up.

I1bHCMFP2020 Kissing

Dreamed about the act of kissing - not kissing as we think about it or as we see it on the screen, but the curious, boundary-crossing physical act itself, removed from the context needed to make it anything other than a bizarre thing done with or to our lips.

I and a number of people from my past and present were putting on some sort of amateur musical in the sports hall of my primary school. I sing extremely badly, and never participate in such things, but nonetheless had a role. Nobody came to our performance, but we kept going, those of us that were not meant to be onstage milling aimlessly where the audience would have been. 

While I was watching two people I didn\'t really care about sing something I didn\'t understand and or care about, a girl I used to be interested in approached me and wordlessly began to kiss me. I closed my eyes, but only out of the consciousness that one is supposed to in such situations. The dream ended with vivid but unarousing sensations of pressure on my lips.

I8bESUP2011 Steering Cheering

I was in a pond at a local park on boat that looked like a chinese dragon.I was steering the boat and there were both people on the boat and people to the sides I had trouble moving the boat but once I started the people started cheering.

I1bCR2020 I am Trying to Sustain You

I was at an indoor mall. One of the toy stores didn\'t have a name, and instead read "I AM TRYING TO SUSTAIN YOU" on the front. There were giant statues in the front that looked like toys. For some reason, I was laughing at it.

I1bNKOZ2020 Scraping Gill-like

I was not gendered. I may not have been in human form. This was a strange world. I was rather young, and had a partner. We we were each highly skilled at our work, which was scraping gill-like material from sheets of fungi-like growth as food for the wealthy.

I1bHEFR2020 Canvas for the firm beds

I woke up really early that morning. I got up and had breakfast then went back to sleep. After a short nap, I woke up in my bedroom that was empty. All my stuff was gone except for my furniture. I walked out into where my eating and living space was suppose to be, but everything was gone. Furniture that belonged to my roommate vanished. Did she move out? How long was I asleep? A family of five walked through my apartment door. I asked the mom if they were moving in, and if my room mate had moved out. She said yes, but didn\'t say specifics. I looked around and noticed my apartment was 10x larger than it was. Before it was really tiny. About 500 square feet in total. It suddenly had become a maze with a million rooms. I asked the mother if this was a dream because I couldn\'t tell. She laughed and said no this is real, confused by my question. In order to find out if I was dreaming I tried to find a clock. I looked down at the coffee table and saw my phone, then pressed the power button to wake it. The digital clock that\'s usually on my lock screen was gone. I showed it to her. I said, see this must be a dream. There is no clock on my phone. "Let me see." She said. She turned my phone on and off to try and fix it, but then gave up. She was busy talking to someone else, a friend of hers that was helping her move in maybe? They spoke in Spanish, so I have no idea what they were talking about. I wandered around the apartment. I don\'t remember it being this big. It was practically empty except in every room were at least three beds. I got lost, and entered a random room and sat down on a bed. I thought that if I closed my eyes I would wake up. Nothing I did to escape was working. I started screaming for help. Every time I screamed my voice would choke. My vision became blurry. I then found my self pulling a black beanie off my head that was covering my eyes, and pulled plugs out of my ears. I was sitting on a bed against a wall, and in front of me were rows and rows of beds as if it was the mattress section at a Macy\'s. My roommate walked through the door with another person. They were smiling and laughing. I was in pure distress. I said, "Claire! Are you moving out?" She laughed and said no. She then knelt in front of me "Ok listen, I\'ll canvas for the comfy beds, and you can canvas for the firm beds." I asked, "What?" 


the hulk was in my kindergarden classs and he grab my arm

I1bHANG2020 The Hostel was their income

there was a beach. there was a friend, from some small live off the land tribe, good at computers. I''m from usa but he was in south africa and so was I (I've never been). So I visited him, and got a corner to stay in some weird hostel where there were WWOOFer types and an old desktop, and it was a house (recurring theme) with multiple layers but probably in a way that wouldn't work if I tried to draw you a map. I slept in a corner, and when i was done sleeping, I went and found my friend on the beach. All the tribe was in a part of the house that was unfindable. I think the hostel was their income (like casinos in the us) and also where they lived but they mostly actually wanted to be left alone. The computer was so old. I was trying to leave but I couldn\'t figure out how, or where to go.. I wanted to go be in the car-free part of nature. (Like there, but elsewhere). Oh, and behind the hostel was a hill.

I1bCKAT2018 Panic Attack Socks

I went to the doctor's office and used the toilet there. There was only a small screen for privacy. I overheard from the children's room, "put your panic attack socks on". I had a pair as well, which I laid out on a seat and sat on. My alarm clock rang as a receptionist turned her head to me with a big smile.

I1bHPOT2012 Ate all the color

Everything was devoid of color, and for some reason, everything I touched turned colorful again. So I traveled the globe, making everything colorful again. Then the earth blew up and all the colors spewed everywhere. And then a monkey in a astronaut suit ate all of the color, and me. That’s when I woke up.

I1bHBIKS2019 Wash your hands

First when I found out about me I was in one of those airport shops you know, and it was all black and white, psss I already know why, because that day my grandmother had explained to me that in the old days television was black and white and as I was new at that time I thought that at that time it was real life in black and white ... But let's go back to the dream, then I remember that (in the dream) had seen the spider man WITHOUT COLORS and had other people but they did not call and I AS IT IS POSSIBLE YOU BE JUST AS IF NOTHING WAS HAPPENING .... when my calm came back I saw a kid singing the most scared song ever... Next thing I knew (again) I was already in a restaurant with my parents playing with some toys that had stickers with strange faces and I was kind of scared and then the stickers started talking but nothing was perceived, when I looked back my parents were looking at me with eyes full of blood saying : So you won't eat... then they said my name but I will not say here hehe That was certainly the strangest exprience of my life ... Whether you want to believe it or not I'm a student from Portugal in quarantine.... WASH YOUR HANDS



weird small goblins came from the boiler room and they came in either red or green

not to mention they had lots of extra skin and had super thin spread out curly hairs


I1bHTRE2020 Impossible to get out of Georgia

The final image of the dream was like… a page, I was reading aloud a page which was describing the dreamland it was… I’ll go back a bit, we’d been walking through this town, it was Georgia, it was Denmark at the same time… and slowly people were following us but like in a nice way like a conga but without dancing and we got to the top of the, um, sort fo labrythy places, with restaurants, and we go to the top somehow and we were at a mosque, and it was segregated, and  we were 5 women and one man, and the man suggested that we sneak into the mens, but obviously it would be much harder to cover up 5 women than 1 man, so we went to the women’s. The end was, then I got to the last page in the book, and I was reading about the mother, it wasn’t my mother but I was a different character in the book, and it was about her singing, it was so beautiful her singing, that I ran up to her and told her to take the imam’s mic, and somehow she did and it sort of… then it felt like a song. 

To get into all this, it was triggered, I was having a chat with this lady, we were going to fly to China, I don’t know who we were, and this lady was saying we could go via Georgia but apparently it’s hard to fly into Georgia because the clouds are so dense, um… like really really dense and it’s hard to get down to get into Georgia, and also impossible to get out. And I’ve remembered the bit before, I was in the cinema, and I’d gone upstairs to use their toilet. I hadn’t bought a ticket to the film but somehow I’d walked into the set of the film. It was a new James Bond film, like a new new new one, cos they’re always bringing them out, and it was set in like a train carriage, and there were these little love hearts everywhere, and that’s where I met the women who told me about Georgia, cos she was in the film or maybe watching it. 

I1bHBAM2020 That bus

I was having meal with some friends. I ate a lot, talking with each other. Most of friends were full and stoped eating, except for me and another boy. Then we appeared in a bus, another bus broadcasting old-fashioned Hongkong music passed by. Suddenly we appeared at that bus. I was glad because there were some middle-aged women dancing with the music.

I2bCHEL2017 Piles

I had a dream and in that dream and in that dream I walked into a room. The room was full of things, they were piled on top of each other, each thing seemed to have an order and there was a hierarchy of importance. I could not see the end of the room or the walls. I was a bit cold and I c. I seem to have ended up in a physical memory of some kind but the objects could not tell me could not make head or tail what any of the objects were meant to do. anything they were counted with dust and silent. They had taken out its contect and were unable to tell their story. In the dream the layers of dust were almost too much to handle. It made the objects gray and uncomfortably unified. It was messy but still a sense of order but nothing that was readable to me and it made it even more difficult. I stood still in silence; it was almost a deserted churchlike atmosphere. Why were those things here? I stood in silence and the door I came in from had disappeared. There was no return in this material chaos. Was this my mess but formed in a new way or was it me i just could not see because of all the dust. Time seems like forever and it seems cooler now than when I first entered the room. I felt I was suffocating and wanted to find my way back. I had to stay until a new door appeared. It meant that I had to walk through the room but the room was no longer a room, it was a place. And this meant that i Could see. I was not frightened anymore even though the objects were as dusty.

I2bM?2008 The man

I was laying in my bed and I suddenly saw a man in the corner of my room. He slowly (very slowly) started walking towards me and I tried to scream but I just couldn''t. I then became aware that I was dreaming and started to use the man to my advantage. We then became best friends but I stopped seeing him after 2011

I1bHHOI2021 Simple old town

we were in a dipped railroad area in the middle of a forest and a train had pulled up, driven by hagrid. i hop in, and it takes me to another wilderness area, amidst a small simple old town in the middle of a forest-plains area. i scavenge for resources, and i encounter a poor old man hanging around a remedial gas station. tucked away, i find a white linen bag of thick coins, and i start running with it. the old man hears the jingling of the coins, and goes after me. i make my way to the center of the town to where other people were, and the old man catches up to me and sits down with a few other girls. i give the man ten coins under the condition that he gets himself work or a job, and wouldn’t depend on me. he obliges, and i hand him ten coins. i head back to the outside bustling part of the town, and see what looks like an empty seaport and a woman in an adventurers outfit walks up to me; she doesn’t look like she’s from the same time period. i ask her what year it is, and she says it’s 1972. it felt much older than that, like the 1860s. she asks to see one of my coins, and i hold it out to her. she examines one of the coins closely, and it was a titanic memorial coin from 1972, embossed along the edge.

the dream shifts back to the tunnel area where i began, and a couple of my friends were there with me this time. one stands on the tracks themselves, and the other stays back, while i wait for the train again. the train comes, and haley runs into the tunnel to try to outrun it, and hagrid pulls the breaks. the first friend then pops in front, and the second friend and i head in while hagrid is going off at the first friend briefly about how that was a stupid move. then the train goes through the tunnel, saying we’re going to 2011. i ask if it’s 2012, or 2011, and i actually pat attention to my surroundings as we went in. we we’re going near the speed of sound, and i felt myself push back into the back of my seat. it was pitch dark. the pressure in the air immediately changes, and my ears go muffled as a result. the tunnel ends in a tall forest area, but the tracks keep going as if it was a rollercoaster. my eyes fall shut, and i wake up.

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