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Getting wet

III1bNBET2004 Exploding egg


My partner and I had been invited to stay with a man who said he had a business proposition. He talked all evening and it sounded like a really good idea. Then when we went to bed, I had a very vivid dream that I was listening to the business idea while holding an egg in my hand and as the man talked and talk the egg exploded by itself and covered my hand in yolk. It felt like a sign so when we got home I looked it up in the dream encyclopedia and it said if an egg breaks in your hand while someone is talking to you don't listen to a word you say. I don't know whether it's true or not, but it seemed apt. 

III1bEBET2015 Basin full of fish


There’s a pool, like a basin, full of fish and I try to wash my hands but every time I wash my hands they made the basin really dirty. 

III1bECAT2018 Blind goat river cycle


It was a marathon in a park, and there was a mascot- a blind goat (it was wearing an eye mask like you do in planes). Then I was on my bike I put it in the river and cycled through the water. The river was very muddy, and there were these black shapes forming beneath my wheels. 

III1bHLEO2017 Cilla Black goes for a dip


There’s a big convoy of cars that have to leave in the dark and Cilla Black is directing them out because there are so many of them. They’re all going one by one in cannon. She’s directing them out of the car park, and it’s all famous English stars who’ve done some famous TV charity thing (or whatever), Eastenders people and David Walliams and people like that. On the way into the car park, as this huge convoy of cars is leaving, there’s a guy coming in with a car that’s got a thing attached to it on wheels behind it, which, as he pulls in, veers to the right and crashes into the convoy that’s leaving – and it’s his fault, because Cilla Black is there in the middle of the road directing them out, and he should have waited, but didn’t. So he crashes into them, and then all together in a big mass they all crash and this makes them veer out of the car park at speed, and they’re all trundling along, and when they get to the town (maybe Bedfordshire), all of a sudden they’re shooting down all of a sudden to the sea. They crash into the sea, and then there’s this bit where everyone is scrambling to get out. They all manage to get out, manage to climb of the sea, and then this big naked guy – you can see his naked, blubbery body – he’s got some sort of apparatus to breathe under water – he’s carrying the box that was in the back of the car that was coming in, full of toys for Christmas presents for the children. He’s actually got it in his arms & is carrying it out. So everybody manages to get out and nobody drowns, nobody gets stuck in the sea, and they also rescue all the toys for the children. And then I wake up.

III1bE?2018 Saving babies after floods


I was on holiday in Spain. The next thing I knew everything was being flooded. Quickly everything dried up. I went and found my parents who were standing by our swimming pool, then I noticed a cute baby at the bottom of the pool. I jumped in to save it- luckily we did. It was very happy, I was relieved. 

III8bHTUF2011 Touch of the water on me


This was a repeating dream, in which every time the location was different. But it was usually a big city with many high buildings (only except once where it was at the small lake in a forest). Despite the city around, there was always a beach, were me and many other people were hanging out. And then the waves (of an ocean, river or lake, depending on the dream's location) would start getting bigger, making people excited at first. I seemed to be the only one sensing something bad coming. And so the waves kept getting bigger and bigger, people would start going away or running, I was running too, until some point where there was nowhere to run anymore - I was standing at the wall of a huge building, facing the enormous wave growing above me and clearly understanding that this is the end. I would always wake up with the first touch of the water on me, terrified.

III1bULEE2016 Blobs with teeth


I was on a pirate ship, watching a crew of shapeless blobs with teeth man the ship. There was another ship they fought with, mine was upended and I fell in the ocean, then woke up. Thought the dream I was hovering above it all.

III1bELEO2016 Swimming around in it like it's lovely


Some people are staying over at a festival, and I said, I don’t know how they can stay over at a festival when it’s this cold. I say, I guess if you have a thermal tent and bag and everything, but even so. P.’s there and he’s jumping into the water which is freezing cold, but he’s swimming around in it like it’s lovely. These two blokes are kind of egging each other on to go in, and they do, but when they realise how cold it is they regret it. I think I must get in at some point, and I say I think I’m gonna get hyperthermia in here. Then we get out and climb up into a little café bar, which I’d been in earlier talking to the waiter, but they won’t let us go in the dry people part, they make us go in the wet people part, and in the wet people part the food menu is rubbish, it’s all burger and chips and beans and disgusting food like that. So I just order tea with soya milk, and the waiter asks me what size my feet are. I say 3. He says “I’ve got some shoes you can have” and I say “Oh, OK then”. We were talking about waveform festival, and I was saying it’s in Bangor, and the blokes didn’t know where that was. In the dream it was that we were somewhere on the south coast of England and Bangor and the waveform festival was on the east, we had to travel that way.

III1bH?? Califaustralia


My friends and I decided to spend a holiday in Australia. We went there but we booked our hotel in California. Because my friend who is an Australian local said it would be cheaper to live in California and get to Australia by boat than to live in Australia. We finished a day tour in Australia and were about to go back to our hotel in California, my friend told us that if we pay more money to the ferry owner, we can “take this ferry ride without other passengers on it”. Since we don’t have enough money with us, we gave our cameras to the ferry owner. The view on the ferry is indeed spectacular. We thought the money was worth it. But when we visited the subsea tunnel the next day,  I saw so many sea creatures, they were so amazing but I just couldn’t take a picture of them. I regretted that yesterday I gave my camera to the ferry owner. And then we met a well-known master who was being chased by some bad people. We protected him and escorted him out of the tunnel. We feel so shocked and achieved after all of this…

III3bU?? post-Titanic

I dreamt we were on the Titanic. It started top sink but luckily myself and 4 others managed to escape on a lifeboat. Just when we thought we were safe... the lifeboat sank! 

III1bULZY2020 Amish babies

A job at some fishing place with a ton of fish used to be in these old pools. Some lady moves in to these old trailers on property to work there but gets fired quickly because of phone usage or something my dad calls me while I’m working there I tell him I can’t talk while in front of my boss and try to hang up. I had offered the lady some food for her kid. A large group of Amish people drive in in a truck(?) to work here they get a tour whil three babys walk around the pool one imidietly falls in we save it the baby doesn’t cry.

III2bRC2020 Yellow Wallpaper

I was in an aquarium tour with my class. The aquarium slowly transitioned into a ice cave. We walked into a room with walkways over an enormous pool of swamp water. It was like one of those alligator pools in movies except the walkways were nearly touching the surface.

A man named Victor appeared next to me, holding a glowing white orb which was apparently very important to some sort of quest and could not be dropped. I felt an overwhelming urge to throw it in the water. I got the orb after much persuasion, and tried to resist the temptation, but I dropped it by accident anyway.

Victor was enraged by this. I felt inexplicably guilty and jumped in to try and find the orb, but I probably wasn't supposed to do that because it made things worse. He jumped in after me.

Somehow we ended up in a far corner of the room. My classmates were walking away. I tried to catch up. My legs were doing running motions, but I wasn't moving forward. The water was rising and I knew it was over, so I asked Victor to shoot me (???) For some reason the bullets were tiny and didn\'t do damage, so I started running again and asked him to stop. The next bullet worked normally. Victor disappeared.

I had this moment of realization. I knew I'd die no matter what, but I couldn't do anything about it since I was already inside the water.

The last thing I remember was a room with yellow wallpaper materializing around me, the water draining, and the warm blood slowly pouring down my neck. I never found the orb.

I'd never read The Yellow Wallpaper or anything like that. I guess it was just a weird coincidence.

III1bETRE2020 Consciousness

Indonesia I think, swimming in deep warm water, my family are closeby, keep falling in and out of consciousness, I wake up it's almost dark and there are these golden lights in the water electrocuting me. 

III1bNBET2021 An Important Boat

I was swimming in a beautiful dark blue water. It was near the shore but it was deep. I got addicted to the loveliness of the water and kept going back for another plunge into the blueness. Suddenly I saw a massive yacht arrive and berth beside me. It came in silently and it was so big that I could only see the tip, but it felt like an important boat with a purpose. There were people I knew in the dream. I couldn't see them but I could hear them in the background. They were all seemed happier and more fulfilled than usual.

III3bHTRE2021 Diving for books

Granny and Mum came to visit me in Spain. They dressed up as flamenco dancers and got soaking wet in the rain walking up to the house. In factory flooded with water and I'm diving down looking for books frantically. I think someone has cut off my tongue. People on the edges crushed, moving through.

III1bEKYL2022 Acting like its from the seashore

It's a rainy day. I came to my Nicole's house. Their house is standing next to a river but the waves is acting like its from the seashore. It feels like I came to say hello. I brought two umbrellas with me one is green and the other one is black which I currently use.

Nicole and I are talking about something I couldn't remember what. It's something to do about her taking a break like a ideal vacation. I suggested the beach that is supposedly near our village or the dance floor I already tried before. But she declined the offer because she said she's too busy at the moment.

Then my eyes shifted somewhere. Something caught my eye from the other end of the raging river. There is two guys swimming. I don't recognize the other one but I can easily tell whose the other one.

It is Harrem. I know it because of his physical features that makes him stand out. He is tall but skinny. And his wet hair flowing to the back of his head. And his cheekbones and jawbones that shapes his gorgeous head.

I kept talking but my eyes are focused on them. Now Harrem and the other guy are swimming back to their house. I somewhat know that their house is next to Nicole's. Then after that we said goodbyes and I opened my two umbrellas. But I realize I don't need the other one so I closed it.

I'm now walking back to our house and I walked past Harrem's house. I saw him wet in his jersey. He is about to go inside but he saw me looking at him so I redirected my sight forward to the muddy road ahead and continue walking.

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