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Paranormality and Spirituality

X1bHLEO2016 A supernatural date night


I go on a date with someone I’ve been talking to online. The date is to look for magical or spiritual or other worldly psychological phenomena. We go to his flat to begin with, and the first thing we do is we open up the side of his bath, and we shine a torch inside his bath, looking for if there’s anything in there. But we don’t find anything in there (except maybe some slimey gooey orange stuff? Hazy). So then we go into his flat, and we do some experiments. In one, we get a pound coin and we say various words with religious connotations, specifically Christian, but at this point in the dream we’re in the living room of the house I grew up in. The coin starts to glow, and it seems to respond to words that we say, religious words. I can’t remember what they were, but we take turns each saying a religious word, and when we say it, the coin glows. But then I have this idea that maybe it’s just responding to the sound of our voices, so we’re saying words one after the other, and it’s glowing in response; and at the end I say, “…and a custard pie”, and it glows in response to that. I look at my date knowingly, because we both realise this means it’s just responding to our voices, rather than to the specific meaning of the words. There seems to be 3 of us in the room now, and the coin burns each of our hands slightly. For me I think it’s the right finger on my right hand, where the finger meets the hand, that joint. For the other two it’s a slightly different place, small burns on each of us. Another thing we do is we put the television on, and put on the film “Gremlins” and we’re trying to call up some spirit or whatever from the Gremlins. So we’re trying to channel the energy of that into another coin, this time a flat brown one, like a 2p coin but larger. And we’re doing that, we’re concentrating on that, and the guy says, “I think I just saw the chair move slightly”, and he’s referring to the green armchair that was in that room on the side near the door where the hifi was. I’ve got my back to that, so I turn around and look at it. We’re saying, “come on chair, come here chair, come to me chair”, each of us in turn, we’re trying to get the chair to come to us. And then suddenly the chair moves across the room to the fireplace, in one quick movement, in response to the guy speaking. And then I’m saying, “Come on, come here chair, come here now”, and then I laugh, realising I’m talking to it like it’s a dog, trying to get it to heel. And then again it moves in response to the guy saying come here, and we get it to move back in the same way. But what we decide is that it’s moving in response to our words again, but we think it’s responding to our psychological energy rather than the Gremlins. So all the way through I’m quite scared, and when this is over we each start to go back to our rooms, we seem to live in the same block of flats, and as I go up I’m thinking I might have to ask him if I can sleep on an airbed in his bedroom, and the image I’ve got in my mind’s eye is of sleeping on the airbed in my brother’s bedroom, in the house I grew up in. But I also think of inviting him back to my flat, just for company. In the dream I live in a flat with 3 rooms, and my bedroom is huge, it’s just got a bed in the middle of this huge room that’s got white built-in cupboards all around the walls, and I’m thinking, “why am I using this as my bedroom? All I do in there is sleep. I should move the bed into one of the smaller rooms and use this room for something more exciting than just going to sleep”. I’m thinking about whether or not I’ve got any wine open in bottles in fridge, or unopened ones in the cupboard, so I can invite him up for a glass of wine. That’s all I can remember, other than I think the guy I went on a date with is this guy I used to speak to on OKCupid who then found me and messaged me on fetlife.

X2bHDAN2017 Dancing tendrils


The most lucid dream I ever had. I was on my friends boat when I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was my brother and his wife they had a little dog with them and they started telling me how they had found this injured dog or something and were trying to explain it but none of it made sense and I asked my brother if this was a dream and he looked a bit worried and laughed. Like he had accidentally let the secret slip. I asked him to let me look in his face until his face became the face of an alien and again he started to nervously laugh and told me it wasn't a dream. I wasn't sure and I looked around and saw his wife there and when she turned round she had big eyes on the backs of her elbows and I thought 'thats not normal this is defo a dream' so i went outside and looked around at the river. It looked quite different and then i jumped in the air and started to fly across the river. But i started to get a bit of vertigo because I went so high so i let myself drift down to the ground. I looked in a puddle for a while and there was a sort of underwater plant in the puddle and its tendrils danced and undulated in the water and it was beyond beautiful. It was absolutely hypnotic and glorious. It seemed like the most wonderful thing I had ever seen. I watched it float and flow in the water and I could not believe that this was all taking place inside my own mind. I felt absolutely sure that even though I knew I was asleep I felt certain that I was somewhere else, in another space beyond my own skull. That the beauty and physics and complexity and mystery of this underwater plant were far far beyond my authorship and that I must be seeing something new and external to me.
After this I flew across the river some more and watched a bird with a sort of waistcoat made from a tesco's carrier bag flying away to a castle in the distance. I looked to the other side of the river and thought about how I had never been there in real life but now was my chance to visit it so i flew over there but there was no where to land because of the trees so I flew back. I went back to the boat and my brother and his wife were there watching a film. My brother tried to tell me that it wasn't a dream but I told him to shut up and let me see the aliens face. He looked quite worried but I stared into his face and his skin started to turn pale blue and these white lines appeared round his eyes and mouth and something from behind him started to come through. like a double exposure. Another face started to emerge out of his. another face that was longer like a blue peanut with white lines round its eyes and mouth. Like a long aliens face with war paint round its eyes. but as the face started to appear I was suddenly awake. Before I could manage to see the custodians face.

X2bUANN2015 Lego magic


The dream started with a quite surreal version of Harry Potter, but in lego form. I was one of the students, and our task was to defend a castle from the evil wizards. I could do magic! It was awesome.  All of a sudden, we heard a roar. It was at that moment I became a flying, fire-breathing dragon. This was the point the dream became lucid. I flew around the castle setting fire to things and generally having a wonderful destructive time. I woke up with my mouth wide open, mid flame burst. Best dream ever. 

X1bHALI2017 Message in the sky 


I am in a car with a friend and we drive to his place. His car is very different from his real one. When we get to his place he said says he has to go to a friend and drop something there (a parcel). I get out the car and I see how much his place has changed- lots of alleys in cement, a metal gate… so I decide to roll a joint, but my friend’s dad comes and says “No, don’t do that, otherwise my dad will never stop smoking”. So I just put aside the stuff and we hug each other. I go inside and there I meet Jake the dog. I am very happy to see him but he seems very distant. We start to play around and then he barks, saying “Brothers” as if Jake and I are brothers.


Then I’m on rollerblades and ? grabs my hand and takes me up on some stairs, we are going very fast, passing by places and people. We arrive at some kind of platform, a place up on the roof of a very high building. She is there, but somehow she did her job and she’s disappearing. I see some kind of a crowd lots of people sitting on huge cushions watching a movie. I look at the sky… Woww! I have never seen a sky like this. It is so alive. At first glance it looks like a message written with aeroplane traces, but then it clears up and there are very old letters like the ones you see in religious books or texts and they are moving and dancing in spirals in the sky until they form a message and along with it a voice in the sky coming from nowhere saying: “Alina, you are going from life to emptiness”. It is like seeing the unseen. Then the message clears up and the sky is beautifully clear and dark. A figure comes up. A religious figure. Male or female, male and female… I see first the robes, she/he is wearing reds and blues and golden. She is sitting on a throne and I move my eyes upwards and then I see in her lap she is holding a white lamb and around the lamb all types of people- children, old people, sick ones, young ones, they are all contained in her gentle embrace. Looking upwards, I cannot see her end, there is no end to this figure, no head, but not in a scary way, just no end, as if she is infinite. 


Then I’m home, but it is very different, narrow and it looks more like an attic room. I am with my mum and she if very upset about me not bringing back home some jars. I try to explain that I will next time but she is still upset. I try to calm her down, it doesn’t work and I feel she is too harsh on me about those silly jars. So I kneel down in front of her asking for forgiven, I am crying at her reaction. And I now and I’m telling myself “Now I know I will become a nun” and the thought itself made me happy and content that I know…

X2bEALE1997 Pulsing Obelisk

It’s night and I’m walking through a thick dense forest of pine trees. There is no path but I’m tiny and I can make my way through wherever I want. After a while I reach a circle of trees on stones and at the centre there’s a huge obelisk made fo purple amethyst. It’s not polished and is in its natural crystal shape. It glows brightly in dark purple and it pulses in time with my heartbeat.

X1bNHID2020 Channel Surfing

I was channel surfing when i encountered a channel that would be defunct until 3 in the afternoon. It was called channel 31. It would air weird static mostly, but sometimes, it will flash b&w images. it would stop broadcasting after 10 minutes. I later learned that these were flash movies, just by sheer thought.

X1bCALI2020 Sticky Darkness

Me and my mom were outside the school I go to. She had found a small, red orb, and she told me that I had to use that ball to resurrect Jesus. I had found a skull, I think it was a sheep skull, and that was apparently also important. We walked to the school gymnasium, where the whole school was gathered, but it felt like the whole country was there. My mom stopped me right outside the door and told me to take my clothes off, because that was a part of the ritual. I walked into the gymnasium, butt naked with the skull in one hand and the orb in the other. The orb was pulsating and glowing now, and it was getting hot, but it didn\'t burn me. I closed my eyes, even though it was dark - a sticky kind of darkness, that gathered in the corners of the room in a menacing way. Then i walked around the gymnasium with the skull and orb held high above my head. Then I just kind of dropped the orb into the eye of the skull, and then everything got very, very bright.

X1bH].;\2020 Shard

This is my second attempt trying to post this dream, since the first time, it was submitted prematurely. Anyway, in the dream, I was in what seemed like a TV show, contest, or movie with some of my classmates, and there was a host that accompanied us to all of the places we went. We went to many different places, such as into a hole in the ground of a school I used to go to, a large hotel/store in a futuristic city, and an old house on the top of a hill in a cliffside town, the same town as the hotel (strangely, the town was filled with tiny sheep, and one even followed me up the stairs to the house). The old house was the most important, since it seemed to have an old amusement park ride inside, with carts, a queue, and safety directions playing over speakers. The entire place was very dark, and seemingly falling apart. We all had to get onto the ride and go through it, for some reason, but, at one point, my cart stopped. I was next to a hallway when it stopped, so I decided to get out and look at anything interesting that might have been in there. After a bit of searching, I found a room with a bunch of old tools in it, as well as a glowing shard that was hung on a plaque on a wall. I, for some reason, decided to take the shard and try to find my way to the exit. After I eventually got out, I tried to keep the shard a secret, since I wasn\'t sure how people would react to me having it. Still, word eventually got out because one of my friends told the host. I was at home with the friend at this point, but the host still managed to get to my house. The host seemed very excited about the fact that I was able to find the shard, speaking loudly and enthusiastically as soon as he burst through the door. Apparently, it was important to him, and he kept referring to it with a long, specific name, at one point mentioning that there were many of them. Maybe he was trying to collect them for some reason? The entire dream was very long and very confusing, and it almost felt like I was watching a movie.

X1bHMAR2019 How I met Time

This is how I met Time, apparently. I was standing in the middle of a great ravine, and I saw many a people walking through the ravine - along the walls, I watched a presentation of where, after the end, all organisms go to rest in their final hiding place - types of animals would go back to the soil and the water, and people, depending on their interests, would go somewhere that they would be in heaven. Even mythical creatures like giants ascended as well. Everyone was departing, and everyone was listed in their name and introduced in species and type; when everyone was gone, I turned to my guide, Time from Alice Through the Looking Glass, and begged him not to leave, for I was stationary and not moving. The final listed name was God, and it was Time's title - and he said this one thing, or something along the lines of it: "Wherever you decide to go, I will follow along. Don't worry." I gave him a hug, and that was the end of the dream.

X1bMBAM2017 As if it's alive

I dream that I woke up in the middle of the night in my parent's bedroom; however, there's no one in the room. Therefore, I started to look for them, even this is my house, the place where I am familiar, I felt scared walking in the hall alone then my mom suddenly appear after me and call me. She murmur something about me as usual and turn back into the room where I have just left. But when I get in the room, she disappeared and inactive things started to move as if it's alive

X1bHBIM? Hey. You Should Wake Up

While most of the earlier parts I don't remember, It was similar to a video game and I had some kind of magic lizard and used it to place orbs on pedetsals to open gates. Later, I ended up in some kind of trailer on a sofa, and there was the head of frankenstein's monster. It was telling me to wake up. I think it said something like: "Hey. you should wake up." I tried, and the thing told me "try pulling your eyelids open." After I did, I woke up.

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