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IX1bUGUL? Sorting out being dead


I had a dream where I died once. It was really cool like I’d been dead for a while, so I was having to go in to hospital and get things sorted out, like my teeth sorted out. It was a really practical dream. So I’d been dead a while but then I came back to life and I was having to sort out things that had happened to my body while I’d been dead. Very matter of fact about having been dead for a bit. 

IXbMFEA? Popping children


I’m at home, I answer the door its a lady (who seems to be a witch) who tells me “you have to do it”. I look in the back garden and se hundred of small children who are turning into bubbles and bursting/popping, it is clear then which they burst/pop that they are dying, I am supposed to do something to save them, but I don’t know what, and never find out before I wake. 

IX1bESIS? Bludgeoned Rudolph to death 


I circled a forest 30 times until I saw a torso sitting at a picnic table. No arms no legs, no head. A sandwich. I became T-100 from Terminator 2. I asked someone to pull out my eyes. They wouldn’t, so I pulled out theirs. Then I bludgeoned Rudolph to death while singing his song. Regarding my work I laughed. “NOW YOU REALLY HAVE A RED NOSE!”

IX1bECAT2014 Something is Dying


Almost getting dark in this deserted place. No plants are growing here although I can see a little stream of water. There is something there just by the water. I get closer and I realise it's a human body covered with a white cloth. I'm curious and I get closer. Suddenly I'm frightened- the body is me. I'm desperately trying to wake the body up. I'm punching and kicking it with my feet. I realise that it's too late and there's nothing I can do. There's no life in the body. I'm calm now and I have this thought that perhaps this was meant to happen. I let the body go and I watch it being taken slowly by the water.

IX1bHTRE2018 Life vs Death


I worked at a euthanasia factory preparing the poison/sedatives for peoples death. It was all relatively straightforward except the setting was weird, very clinical but some part of the space was a sort of olympic park. I got pregnant with my boyfriend. The baby was super weird- chubby as usual, but with a very adult face with a full size nose and set of teeth (with gap). My boyfriend didn’t know how to cope and I sort of saw this dream through his perspective. Eventually at some point we turned into another couple- I became sort of subjective as if watching from afar. After having the child I couldn’t work anymore. Back at the euthanasia factory, I felt unbearably sick at the thought of helping to kill someone. Claustrophobia and green lights. I resigned from work. 

IX3bMEGE1998 Killer Marmite


Most of the time they would come by when I was ill or super stressed, but usually when I was ill I would get these dreams-these nightmares. My dad comes from England, my mum comes from Denmark, I lived a few years in England and most of my life in Denmark. From this my dreams have had a quirkiness to them. Taking fragments from each culture it kind of added to the nightmares. The nightmare would be this jug of Marmite that I remember having on my toast when I came to England. Marmite is banned in Denmark because of the amount of yeast extraction. So when I came to Denmark I would dream of Marmite, and gradually it turned into a nightmare. [Laughter] . And it was quite horrible actually, because this jug of Marmite that used to be still and a very lovely brown… One night it all changed. What happened was that this Marmite started to be personified, or rather it became alive. So, my nightmare would be this jumping Marmite, this huge dangerous form right up in my face. And the typography of M-A-R-M-I-T-E across the sky. And it would be completely dark. The first scene that I would remember would be laying down in my bed, and I would see this, it is lucid, so I would see this from the outside, I would know that I was dreaming it; kind of get the sensation of still having a fever or something and then watch this Marmite just right at my face–jumping up and down again, again and again.


It didn’t stop there, because it was worse than that. I kept dreaming of this barn, this farm. Later, I think it reminded me of where my granny and grandpa live. They live in this quite big… not estate but it was a very big farm back then, loads of different shacks and weird stuff around. And they had this paddock at the back where we as kids, I have got two older brothers, used to cut the lawn there right at the back, shoot pigeons and all kind of nonsense. Suddenly, this paddock became quite important also in the dream. We used to run there to get peace when we got quite tired of The English Way and the seven cups of tea a day. The paddock was framed by fencing as the farmers have got huge fields all around. We used to walk into the maize also and hide in there until the farmer would come out with his stick and tell us to sod off. This fencing brought to me this illusion of being trapped. The Marmite would hunt me there, cause I was running in my dream, I was running back to the paddock and these shack spaces, and it would run. And suddenly it also had a rifle in it’s gut or something strange, I don’t know how it had arms but it just had.


Then it would jump after my whole family. I still remember that we were all laying down and suddenly I was back in my bed. There was this huge frame from there where I could see my whole family out there in the paddock. And then suddenly all the building which blocked the view were gone. I just saw this paddock and my family trapped here. Basically the dream would end that the Marmite would kill my whole family, and that is it..But I kept getting that dream again, again and again. And as soon as I saw that typography Marmite jumping in my head I would really get scared already then.


But I still eat Marmite.


The rifle. It comes from… it is the shape of my dad. He is a hunter, so it is not unlikely because I have seen, its quite morbid to say but, I have seen guns and rifles my whole life so if it shouldn’t be from there I do not know where I should have picked it up because we did not watch American movies when we were that young.


IX1bHTRE2018 Museum of the dead


On an island, very sunny and sandy and piercing bright light. Extremely windy. We watched people from afar who were walking on the beach nearly blow away, they looked like little ants. Went to work on project with friends it was museum of the dead. One friend found these relics, real dead people in casts and dressed up, Dia de los Muertos. I insisted we couldn’t use them, but also thought they would be good content for museum. We painted them and left them to dry in the sun and checked into our hostel, which was run by people from my high school. Then I did a small lunchtime concert singing cheesy jazz. The walls started to crumble and I woke up. Someone had jumped on our boat and it was rocking violently.

IX3bU? A long dark journey


In my dream there was a bus and a class full of children. And all the children were told to get on the bus but that one of the children would die on the journey. All aboard. We went on a long dark journey and the bus hit something and the whole left side of the bus scraped off. Everyone tried to hang on but I fell out through a barrier and down a really tall hill. I was falling and falling and just as I hit the ground I woke up. 

IX3bHBET2018 Could not make a sound


I was in my friend’s house, except it was not his house. In the basement, there were hobs on with gas burning. I tried to call my friend’s name up the stairs but I could not make a sound. Eventually my friend came down and switched off the gas at the mains. But then he died. 

IX8bHISO? No visible injuries

it always starts with me waking up to find that i went through a plane crash and was the only survivor, i always wake up outside of the plane with no visible injuries. probably the strangest part is that there were no bodies. the dream usually ends when the sun sets.

IX1bNTHE? Challenge is to mourn them

My BFDI Dream (it was kinda wierd)

this is probably season 6

so basically, someone died, and the challenge is to mourn them. i guess everybody but four (who is in pens shape) moved on.

to help get their attention, i tell for to screech (but its to quiet)

i guess four went in woody earlier in the season, because to make things fair, woody flies a rocket ship into four and lands on the inner side of his skin (on the inside he normal shape). and then whle im watching the next part of the episode, i search something up, and a red beetle bites me ear my nipple.

the end

IX1bUsef2023 Start a new life

For some reason mars had plants and water on it, but it was all blue and purple. A good bunch of people were given a chance to go to mars and start a new life. most of them accepted. We were all put onto this big rocket ship and took off pretty quickly. The journey kind of reminded me of a plane flight. But the pilot gave everyone a warning, i could not really tell what it was about. Things went pretty smoothly and we were almost there when one of the other passengers said, "we are not going to mars, we are going to die." In a very calm tone. A few seconds later the rocket ship crashed and I watched as everyone died around me in the burning ship. Then i woke up.

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