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This page showcases some art works and creative explorations that have been donated to our collection, inspired by dreams. If you have anything you'd like to share on this page do get in touch!

DREAM SOUP : A zine by Lucie Treacher (creator of the International Archive of Dreams) documenting her own dreams.

If you'd like a physical copy please send us your address using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

SLEEP CIRCUS: A point & click poetry game. Or perhaps a click-able dream? A virtual circus show, or a dream you had once, long forgotten, found again on your computer screen...

Use your lucid powers to click and sleep-stumble through a series of liminal spaces inspired by dreams from members of the public, framed within a surreal circus show. Dreams are the prancing white horses and tumbling acrobats of our nighttime wanderings, the entertainment we ourselves compose, the flaps of a tent drawn back to reveal our innermost ‘Sleep Circus’.

You can play the game here!

DANNY'S DREAMS: A mysterious, sealed envelope was delivered to our museum. Inside it contained an typewrited/illustrated collection of dreams of a London-based dreamer called Danny.

Thanks to Danny wherever you are for donating this very special collection to us. 

ABOUT LAST NIGHT: A surreal stop motion animation recounting dreams by Keiko Yamazaki and Shona Davies

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