VI1bNBET2013 I give my boss a lung


I give my boss a lung. I don’t bother telling the doctor until it’s too late to help me. The next night I have the same dream- I give my boss one lung again- this time I make a doctors appointment but it’s a day later and they can only give me a tetanus.



I have a dream that I see a signpost for my womb (“WOMB”).


VI3bUDAN2001 Moth people


End of the world- was in an office, night time everyone started turning into moth people with no wings and swords for arms (right side only)moth people were stabbing humans and turning them into moth people- this was happening everywhere. 

VI8bHLEO2017 Lacerate


I’m in Brighton or Bristol. I think Brighton. I’m standing somewhere when a huge, huge rush of wind comes towards me. It knocks all the glass out of the window panes and I try to cover my face with my scarf, but the glass and the wind whoosh over me and tiny shards of glass lacerate my hands. In the dream I remember thinking that the word lacerate seemed to have some specific meaning, and it wasn’t till I awoke that I realised it was a David Bowie reference, from Rock & Rock Suicide (“All the knives seem to lacerate your brain, I’ve had my share, I’ll help you with the pain; you’re not alone!”). I went to a medical facility, not a hospital but perhaps something like a makeshift triage, and was trying to get someone to pick out the pieces of glass from my hands, which I found difficult. This was one of those dreams that seems to repeat over, and the second time it happened, I turned my back when the wind and glass came, and didn’t get hurt.

VI1bCTRE2018 Blisters


I was in a strange urban/rural space (perhaps suburban) which was 60 degrees (or maybe 59)- boiling hot and humid. But everyone was going around in puffa jackets and woolly hats!  I couldn't understand it and so wore a t-shirt but my skin quickly blistered all over and began to puss. So I quickly jumped in an air conditioned taxi with ? 

VI1bHHUM2018 Truck jelly


I was a truck driver, and I had special cargo in my truck and no-one could know what it was, because if they found out they'd kill me. I was trucking all over America, but it wasn't America, because it looked more like Japan and it was in the future and my truck was really old. And then I got really fat- like Reeeeally fat, I was expanding in the truck. I became so fat that I filled the whole of the inside of the truck, so I was basically the truck. 

VI1bNBIL2013 Another face


In the dream I have a hand mirror and inside the hand mirror is another face, it’s like the face of Voldemort when he was a beautiful young man- when he was on the edge of become completely f*cking crazy. And I sensed in the dream that it was an evil face and so if I look directly into its eyes and stare it out I can somehow get rid of it. I can feel that I’m almost getting rid of it but then suddenly I lose concentration and its face brakes and I see my own.


VI1bNPAM2018 Teeth


In my family when we dream someone’s teeth falls out, someone is going to die.

VI1bHBIL2013 Becoming watermelon


I’m in a kind of canteen in a school. I’m in the kitchen and I’m holding a black suitcase. There’s someone waiting behind the counter and I know that I had to cook what was inside the suitcase for them. So I opened it and inside was a watermelon but it was too big for the suitcase. So when I started to make the food from the watermelon, when I cut through, the surface that I cut on was soft and gooey. One second later I had become the watermelon. It/I was suddenly the size of the canteen and the people in my high school were walking through me like a cave. It was very slimy but deep in the pulp were strawberries.



In my dream I was a spaceship. I was like a manta ray swimming through space. 

VI7cUCHA2011 Injured echo


I was on an aeroplane, and there were lots of stewards dressed in white, like nurses or health assistant uniforms. There was a kind of swimming pool blue colour and white. Suddenly, I knew there was an emergency. In the toilets, my ex-boyfriend had slit his wrists. We couldn’t land, and everybody was trying to help to stop him bleeding. I stopped dreaming before a conclusion, or maybe I woke up but I think I just stopped dreaming or I don’t remember the rest. When I woke up I had dreadful sense of foreboding.

Three days later, the ex-boyfriend I’d dreamed about slipped in his bathroom after drinking too much, and cut his wrist on an open can of tuna. Luckily he was fine after several months- be needed a blood transfusion. Bizarrely close to my dream in a way that I still cannot understand. 

VI1bNMAW2018 Painted seagulls


I wore a chaos sign on a chain around. My neck. And there were seagulls painted on my arms. Mark Smith was there and I asked him to hypnotise me before I started singing. And I thought that it was a good idea to paint seagulls on my body because a shower was there afterwards.

VI1bUNAT? Life in microscopica


I was a mouth bacteria (in my own mouth) being chased by a toothbrush, trying to hide between the teeth and destroy all the teeth in my mouth. 

VI1bNZAZ2018 Haircut


I dreamy of having my hair chopped off, careless shearing and the sound it made. I was a little distressed; but it was happening quickly, and Kevin (my partner) was there, perhaps he was even responsible for it. I always understood that a haircut dream was not good, because it was disfiguring (unless it was an exceptionally good haircut) but this seems also pertinent because I was about to take some Buddhist vows. 



I had a dream that I was pregnant and I gave birth to a chocolate bar. 

Classmark Key

Dream Subject 

I. abstract

II. flying and falling 

III. getting wet

IV. troublemaking

V. escapology

VI. body

VII. animal 

VIII. family and relationships

IX. death

X. parnormality and spirituality

XI. politics

XII. music

Dream state

1. conventional dream state

2. lucid dream 

3. nightmare

4. mutual dream

5. sleep paralysis

6. dreams within dreams  

7. prophetic dream

8. recurrent dream

9. OBE


Sleep location 

b. bed

t. tent

s. street

c. caravan

p. public transport

h. hotel

Dream location 

H. hybrid location 

C. urban

E. elemental/natural setting

U. unconventional

M. home in some shape or form 

N. locationless


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