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VII1bULEO2016 Prison and guinea pigs


I’m in some sort of prison. It’s outside, it’s night-time. Three prisoners are made by the guards to make beautiful weapons (e.g. swords) and other things out of lego bricks, but they don’t look anything like lego, they’re incredibly ornate, heavy, and beautiful, like jade, marble, and other similar materials. My friend in the prison has a pet hamster and I’m really worried for them that the guards will see it and punish them. But my friend doesn’t even bother to hide the hamster, they’re really blasé about it. When the guards come over, however, they’re distracted by the cute cuddly bear I’ve made friends with. It’s like a bear cub, but bigger, maybe a teenage bear, very cute and friendly and I cuddle it, rolling around on the floor with it. There are also guinea pigs and other animals around, maybe hedgehogs and/or rabbits, which also distract the guards. One of the guinea pigs licks my hands and then bites it, but not hard enough to break the skin.

VII1bHTRE2021 Rabbit bath 

I had a bath and inside the bath there is a rabbit in a cage. I don't really realise until afterwards and then I wonder if the rabbit got submerged in water through the holes - then dad wants to buy us all drinks at a bar, I insist on having water called Minor Figures. 


VII1bMCAS2018 The tiny pig that shat the lemon


Well in the dream lots of things happened: I moved house, I was looking after a number of different animals- and one of the animals I was looking after was a very tiny pig. And once we’d moved house the tiny pig was being really difficult- it hadn’t been difficult before it had really been quite friendly- and I remember I was carrying it around upstairs and it was scratching away and biting my hand and I was so annoyed with the pig! I was trying to calm it down and getting really frustrated anyway… until finally it ate this whole lemon and then the pig got really ill- the pig was so small and the lemon was really large for the pig and the pig was just so unwell and I thought I’d killed it and I told my mum... Anyway I carried on trying to look after it, I’m wondering why it’s so ill- and I’ve forgotten about the lemon by this point, that it ate the lemon whole, I just think I need to take it to the vets, and then it suddenly poos out the entire lemon whole. And I realise that the whole time, its whole body must have been taken up the lemon- no wonder it was so ill! 


VII1bMCAT2018 Snakes inside cats


I was home and my mum was cooking inside, and I went outside and I saw this, at the end of the garden, it was this snake- a big snake sitting on a small tree (I think it was a quince tree). I went back in and looked at the cat, and it had a snake inside it- the snake had taken the cat somehow. When I went back outside the snake was sitting in a big glass bowl on the window sill. And I thought maybe I should tell my mum about the snake. So I went in and told my mum, she said maybe we should call someone. I didn’t know how to tell her that the snake was also in the cat so I just told her to look at the cat- and she looked at it but she couldn’t see it. So then I said somehow trying not to panic her that the snake is inside the cat and then she could see it and suddenly the snake jumped up onto my mums face and crawled away, so we started throwing things at the cat- things like shoes. 

VII1bUCAT2018 Penguin clouds


I was shoplifting, I think it was Waitrose, by the sea, I got a salami and micemeat. When I got out the shop the sky was so beautiful- kind of like a blue, turquoise. Somehow there were like these clouds and the clouds looked like birds flying, and they were actually moving like birds and started shifting into birds and slowly transformed into flying penguins. They flew around and landed nearby me and started following me. And I started running, and they chased after me, but in a sort of funny way. 

VII1bEHEP2008 Sheep snowballs


Two sheep and two snowballs jumping over the wall of a field.


VII1bNTOM2015 Horses lying entwined 


Two horses lying entwined, their shoes badly need changing and this has made their legs and hooves misshapen. 


VII1bETRE2018 High Definition 


It was a very remote beautiful island, but more like a desert. It was like a beautiful high definition Pixar animation. David Attenborough was narrating. There were all these beautiful and strange animals. There was this pink octopus with huge eyes- really cute- and a weird dinosaur with a huge beak and shell skin. I was a character in what was like a film: we went on missions to different islands. There was love, loss, cake... it’s a bit hazy. The dream ended talking to my cousin, we talked about environmentalism and feminism and she explained her passion and that’s why she wanted to make contracts.

VII3bEKAT1979 Ghostly sheep


I am on a day out with my family (mum, dad, sister, brother). We drive to a forest, get out of the car and walk into the forest. At some point, I look around and all my family has disappeared. The forest is suddenly eerily quiet. I turn back towards the nearest tree. A ghostly sheep appears directly from the tree trunk. I am immobilised at this point, although I can usually think as well as feel abject fear. I usually would wake up at this point. 

VII1bUAND? Heart-shaped dog 


I was on a spaceship except it seemed more like a plane than a spaceship, except it was stationary and I was asking how long it had been stationary and whether we were actually moving or how long we hadn’t been moving and then the next thing I knew I was cradling this very small dog and I had it in my hand and it was kind of heart shaped and I had to hold it to keep it alive. 


VII2bMREG2012 Cat sex


I awoke and began writing down my previous lucid dream. My cat from my childhood walks in. I couldn’t believe it- I was still dreaming! But it seemed so real. My cat jumped on my lap and I tried recalling its name (Socrates). Then I look up and see a 4 foot tall cat man standing at the door- black fur, green bow tie, walking stick- waiting for me to give it the nod in. It looks like the cat from the film ‘Master and Margarita’. I let it in and it shakes my hand and I say, truthfully, ‘I’m a bit scared’, because its SO REAL AND SO BIZARRE AND I’M SO LUCID… it says ‘me too, but in an erotic way’. After an awkward pause, I asked ‘wanna have sex?’ I couldn’t help it (LD’ing makes one horny). I awoke as I reached orgasm. 

VII1bEYAE2018 Sorting fish


I dreamed of sorting fish, the dead ones from the live ones. I was in a murky pond that was killing the fish. I discussed the song ‘Life is a Cabaret’ with my friend. 

VII8bM?? Tortoise-shell life


This is actually a series of recurring dreams with themes that overlap that I’ve had for the past 8 years when I adopted two cats called Picasso and Van Gogh in real life who were tortoise-shell cats. And after I adopted them I started having dreams that everything in my house was tortoise-shell patterned: so I had a tortoise-shell rugs, and tortoise-shell duvets.. um, since then the recurring dream has developed into me dreaming that I have a house full of tortoise-shell cats and I have to get the fake ones out and just keep my ones. I have no sympathy for these intruder cats but in real life I would be quite happy to have another cat in the house. 

VII1bNFEA? (angry?) lobsters


Utterly surrounded by hundreds of (I think angry) lobsters snapping away at me (I think lobsters are nice in real life and would not angrily snap at me, or anyone).

VII1bE?2018 Would you rather meet a big bear?


I had a dream where  from a distance I saw a really big bear in a tree, but when I got closer I realised it was actually thousands of tiny bears! Which was not a good thing as they started chasing me. Later on in the dream I saw a friend and told him and he asked: “would you rather meet a big bear or thousands of tiny bears?”


VII1bN?? Vinny the police cat


In the dream Emily did some research into Vinny’s past owners and found out that Vinny used to be a police cat… Um, and did police cat work, and now we have a song about it it goes like this:


Vinny the police cat dudududududu

Vinny the police cat dudududududu

Fighting crime, saving grannies

Vinny the police cat dudududududu

VII1bMWLA2018 Kangaroo spider

I had just moved into a new house and there were diggers outside the back door, removing dirt that was left over from construction. Then a kangaroo came up to the diggers and jumped around... up the digger's arm and onto its tiny roof. No-one seemed to care. Then the kangaroo got closer to the door and hung upside-down from a thread of silk like a kangaroo-sized spider. I was afraid of it breaking the door and coming inside, but it just stayed outside.

VII8bMHAM? Flying monkeys

I had a recurring dream that I was kidnapped by the flying monkeys from the Wizard of Oz, and I would never return home.



By the sea, in a classic car. Completely full of green turtles. I asked- why? 

VII1bENAN2018 On point unicorns


My dreams are always on point!  

My dream was I saw a unicorn sitting there and she said that you can have a ride across the country. I said “yes!”. It had a flower headband with roses and rainbow dreadlocks. We road across the whole country. But there was a man who wanted to steal her and we had to try and get her back…

VII1bM?2018 The tiny orange kitten


I was looking after a tiny orange kitten, a girl. I think my family had just started owning her. Our other 2 (real life) cats live outside but in the dream the kitten had to be kept inside because she was so small and needed looking after. I accidentally let the kitten out of the house and I forgot to check on her. When I remembered to check on her outside, a sickly looking for snatched her up in their mouth and I was really sad and guilty because I thought the kitten was going to get eaten and it was my fault. I let the kitten out. But I chased after the fox and hit it and managed to get it away from the kitten! At that point in the dream I didn’t know where the kitten was but later someone came, holding her. I had a sense that the kitten was a specific one I know in real life. In the end of the dream the kitten was living outside with our other cats and was also black and white.



We were swimming and we discovered a white seal on a rock. The seal gave me a pearl……

VII1bHBAC2016 Wingbeats


I am (in the dream) in my bed on the top floor of a two-floor flat above a pub. In this section, I am watching myself. I hear my housemate Niko calling to me from his room downstairs, asking me to come down. I go down the stairs and the corridor to his room - everything is realistic, as it actually was in our flat. I go into Niko's room, it's looks as usual but seems very colourful. His walls are red and my pyjamas are blue and patterned - all the real colours, but it seems much brighter than usual.

There is a black and white Canada goose on the floor by Niko's bed. The goose and I look at each other.

Then, I am in a totally colourless landscape - thick snow as far as I can see, and a sky the same colour as the snow so you can barely tell where the horizon is. Everything is it's real colours, and everything is monochrome. Now my POV is from my own eyes. The only colour I can see are the cuffs of a jacket (brown) on my wrists, and my hands. 

Ahead of me there is a wide, tall forest, of black straight trees with no leaves, like birches in winter. They form a large, very organised, line on the horizon, all straight lines.. I can see there is a path leading into the forest as I walk towards the trees. But it angles away from me towards the right, in a straight line.

There is no sound - not that I'm deaf, but it's like no sound exists.

Then I hear a sound like branches snapping underfoot. I look up and see a black and white Canada goose flying overheard from my left to my right. It's wingbeats are making the sound. The one goose is followed by a huge flock of them, all of them doing the same thing. There are no sounds you would expect from this scene, only the massive, deafening sound of hundreds of wings making the sound of breaking branches. 

I stare at them, and then I wake up.

VII3bUTRE2018 Dead Whale


I find a dead whale in a tunnel. But when I look close it opens its eyes. Shocked at finding it alive I want to drag it into the sea. I go to get my parents to help me but when I get back to the whale someone has taken it to the meat factory. 

VII3bEHIT2017 Squirrel boss 


It was in the forest and I got lost. I met a squirrel with a round spiral piece on its head- it was colourful. The squirrel that appeared in front of me was the boss. The other ones were watching me from behind the boss. It was like they were taking me as a slave. They were cute but I felt that they were quite strong.

VII1bCKAT2020 Holy cat

I was riding the school bus home (even though I graduated two years ago) and there was a hole in the floor. The bus was also set up like a city bus, and seemed much larger but had the same gray aesthetic. Every bus stop on the last road before my house, a cat hopped up through the hole. I figured they were strays so I took one and told my brother to hold one as well. He had a brown fluffy tabby and I had a tan fluffy cat. They were skittish but fairly friendly once you got a hold of them. When we finally got to my house, my cat Pheobe hopped on the bus and started freaking out. I chased her off the bus, because I was afraid she wasn\'t going to get off. Then I gave my brother my cat to put inside and chased down my cat. That\'s where the dream ends.

VII1bNDRE2020 Plants Zombies Penguin

I was playing one of my favorite video games, plants vs zombies, when I found out there was new character on the plant team that was a penguin and it was the best character in the game, and to make it even better very few people had the penguin. When I woke up the dream was so lifelike I went straight down the hall to play plants vs zombies only to be disappointed by the lack of penguin.

VII2bUBEA? Neon n stuff

The most I remember was I was a cat, and it started with me in an elevator with my owner and her friend. Once we arrived the owners sat down and I know it was either the other cat\'s owner or mine that was dissecting a brain, I went to go underneath a chair the other cat was under, I forgot their color, but as I walked up to the other cat they got angry, protecting their territory, and I saw a bright face of a tiger and nothing else, but the tiger was NOT the regular colors it was bright colors and neon n stuff, but it honestly scared the crap out of me and I remember nothing else.

VII1bCTRB2019 The crabs are taking over!

I was at my school which the name I won't disclose and we were out on the playground on the swings. All of a sudden a bunch of crabs scurried across the playground. The vice principal ran out of the school screaming, "The crabs are taking over!" the crabs pretty much swarmed over everything and there was a huge crab that was controlling all of the smaller crabs.

VII1bHKAT2020 Eggs

The beginning is a little foggy. I was with my boyfriend and best friend in a field, and the look of world around us was reminiscent of the princess bride. However it was more fantastical. We explored a bit and discovered odd animals, hatched out of small eggs. Half of the eggs would hatch insects, that sided on blood-suckers and crawlers such as bed bugs, ticks, and earwigs. The other half of the eggs hatched small mammals. I’m talking badgers, kittens and bears. Funnily enough my friend is terrified of squirrels, so I rescued a squirrel the size of a pea. As the dream went on, We found a village and my boyfriend went off to find something. My friend and I wandered the village and found a tower. A Les-Miserables looking kid was sulking on one of the balconies. We made our way up, and along the way we discovered such corruption in the village, and decided we wanted to stir things up. We did as such (although details fail me now) and started a revolution of sorts, but I woke up before I got to see the result


i saw a cow coming towards me


Me and my sister were in my grandma's house. There was a lot of people in that house. There was a dog that has as a bug as a mammoth. We got to ride it. Then I woke up.

VII1bHAMA2020  Deer in the window

In real life my sister sleeps between me and the window, but in the dream I was lying right next to the window when I woke up that morning. The sky was pink and orange and yellow, very pretty, and there was I think a forest and I'm sure brightly colored flowers on a meadow outside the window. A deer had come right up to the window and I reached out to undo the window latch hoping it wouldn't click loudly and startle her, but it just opened when I touched the sill and the deer stuck her head right into the room. I got to pet her.

VII2bETLO2021 They might both be sheep

? in a field searching but not knowing what they were searching for. One day they arrive to the field to encounter someone else also searching and find each other. They might both be sheep.

VII1tHBAK2021 Softly Spiky tadpoles

There was some kind of outdoor compound situation that seemed important but the details are hazy... but the bit that’s super clear is that I was leaning over my pond (or was it my mum’s pond?) checking on my tadpoles. And then I got this real constricted blocked textural feeling in my throat and I started coughing and suddenly - I cough up a frog!! A real big one. It was bright green and quite softly spiky and seemed to have a lot of energy. Then that funny feeling again and - another frog!! This was smoother and a darker green, with VERY red intense jewel eyes that were watching me closely. And then another like that one but slightly bigger. And then a second light green one appeared from somewhere else... and then there was a row of four frogs looking at me far too intelligently. I wasn’t clear what it meant, but it was interesting to see that the tadpoles didn’t complete their developmental arc in the pond...

VII1bUCOO2022 Fast as an iguana

my grade 8 class started an unplanned field trip to some high tech facility studying reincarnation. after a while of waiting there they reincarnated all of us into animals and let us into the wild to teach us how to survive. it was suspenseful trying to run fast as an iguana


I was walking inside a forest when all of a sudden, King Kong appears out of nowhere and beats the shit out of Godzilla.


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