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V1bHTRE2018 Flying/sailing to Bucharest and the Gigolo


I was in a sort of plane or boat, both flying and sailing, sometimes in water and sometimes in the sky- rather terrifying, but Bjork was on the plane so somehow it was okay. We ended up in Bucharest it was really hilly with lots of stairs everywhere (a city built from stairs with mountainous backdrop). My boyfriend was a gigolo and so I threw cream cakes at him and ran away. I ran and ran until I reached the pigeon museum, which was full of ladders (and pigeons). I wandered the streets aimlessly and a couple selling jewelry invited people in to their living room to talk about the woman's miscarriage and their IVF treatment. 

V1bECAT2013 We will when we come back


I was with a friend of mine, and what I saw was beautiful field, hills lots of plants and colours I can't really describe it. There were lots of people out on the hills and really enjoying each plant, looking at each plant and each flower. And then I suddenly realised I was behind glass, inside a glass tunnel on both sides. And suddenly I had the feeling that I really wanted to be there, which I told my friend. And he said- we will when we come back. 

V1bCTRE2018 Taking one's toilet for a walk 


I was desperately late for a rehearsal but you see I had to take my toilet and all my plants for a walk and the later it got the less I cared about being late for the rehearsal... 

V1bHOAT2018 Escaping marriage with graceful birds 


I was with a girl from uni at her birthday party, even though we are not really friends, i think we were in the SU bar. Then I was getting forced to get married and I had to stop the wedding from the alter, which mainly involved appealing to peoples emotions by singing 'amazing grace' and getting them to really listen to the meaning of the lyrics, and getting random people dressed as graceful birds to come in and try and convince the whole church not to make me get married. I didn't end up getting married, so it must have been a convincing argument.

V3bUPAM1994 Ball pit dinosaurs


I was in a labyrinth and a dinosaur was following me and there were lots of balls in the corridors like a ball pit. It was horrible- but so colourful- the walls were red and yellow and the balls were blue

V1hNTRE2018 Change the date


I had a dream that I had to change the date of the opening of the International Archive of Dreams as we were running out of time. I was so relieved when I woke up that we had and then I realised we hadn’t.


V1bHTRE2018 Smuggling and chocolate 


I had a dream that I was trying to smuggle people (maybe me?) through on flights. They had to always be in pairs and they had to do sort of rituals like attending chocolate exhibitions with real chocolate torsos and doing circle dances. My mother however burst out laughing and gave the game away. 

V1bHTRE2018 Apocalypse party


There was a new year's eve party/apocalypse. I had to help my brother to decide what suit to wear for the apocalypse  but he was being really indecisive. It was a rush to get there as I was distracted by vintage boutiques. My friend was suddenly a famous composer I saw his face on TV interviewed on the news and I felt so happy for him. I woke up- pushed my water bottle over- then back to sleep. Out with another friend in record shops she's suddenly in all the records but she never told me. I'm furious that she didn't tell me so I run away on my scooter which has a wind surf sail thing. Flew over the Thames (?) only to meet Jim Carrey and angry pub people on a grotty boat.

V1bHDEB2018 Glasshouse of evolution


It was a while ago and I was in a big… it was like a white house by the sea, on the edge of a cliff, and there were lots of different rooms, I was going through and then I realised there was this man outside who was in a Nazi uniform, and I realised he was coming towards me and he was going to kill me and he was my father. And so… I knew I had to get out of the house and I ran out of the house and down this high street with all these different shops on it and he was on the other side of the street. So I had to keep moving and I thought, I’ve got to go in somewhere to get out of his way. And I went into what looked like a large… greenhouse, with lots of people not just plants, and I went in, and then I realised all the way down this large greenhouse there were rows and rows of enormous, bigger than human-size weighing scales- so like an old fashioned scale were you have the weight on one side and a bowl on the other, these ones had a zebra in a large bowl on one side and in the little bowl on the other side, a half-zebra half-human, like a baby one. And then all the way down there was like a half-elephant half-human, half-horse half-human, half-panda half-human and I realise that this was a sort of glasshouse of evolution 

V1bHTRE2018 M&S game show


In Marks and Spencers, it was a game show, where we were being hunted by shop assistants and had to get around the shop without being seen. The dream then progressed to a rocky beach, a series of coaches from Inverness which was experienced through a birds eye map and an argument with a bus driver.

V1bN?? Lost characters


In my dream last night I lost the main character of my novel, and I thought I’d never find her again. When I woke up I was so worried that I had lost her forever that I felt compelled to start writing immediately. 

V3bU?2018 Video nightmare


I had a horror dream that I was trapped inside of a video game and I tried to get my other friends to help but they were all offline, so I was stuck in the dream! 

V7BMHEE2018 Vanishing courgettes


In the dream I looked down off my balcony and my courgette plants had disappeared! I had a panic “Oh my god, oh my god”. Then I woke up the next day and my courgette plants HAD actually disappeared!

V3bH2009TIM Jumping trains


I went to Los Angeles with my son to buy used garden machinery. We had to sleep rough and ended up first staying with Will Smith, and then later in an old train carriage that is parked in an abandoned warehouse (which later pulled away forcing me to jump out as ? was stood outside of the train. I though we had lost our cases but the driver had taken them out. In the cases were just a few dirty teeshirts - I remember being unsurprised but that as it was all the stuff I had brought. Also when I was staying with Will Smith he asked me where in LA I was going to go, I told him I was going to drive to a neighbourhood south of the town. He told me that I was crazy to try as I didn't know the roads and would get lost and that I should have studied the route long before now ( I remember think that I may end up in south central by mistake). Will took me for a drive at night in his car along a long curving freeway I remember him being very moody.


Later in the dream when I was driving around, I drove past two stores that I thought I recognised from ebay (a place selling novelty foam objects and a hardware store). While I was in the hardware store with my son I barged bast a group of 3 men who were in my way (though I don’t think there were doing anything wrong), deliberately stepping on the toes of one of them with my riggers boots (big heavy work boots). They got angry and went to confront my son who was stood in the corner of the store at this point. Seeing what was happening I went up to one of them and said ' it is his first time here, if you hurt him they will find your skin and blood all over the store'. Then we walked out and got in a Land Rover, I remember it was sunny and the trailer was attached.


I also remember that there some really interesting old industrial architecture and I wished I had my camera with me. One of these places that I saw in my dream, a solid industrial structure like an old parking garage covered in windows with small pains of glass, through which I could see the cab of an big old 18 wheeler. This was a place I would later stay in (where the old train carriage was).

V1bMJEA? Passing Rainbow

There was a rainbow outside. I saw it through the window. The rainbow was approaching the house. So i went far from the window (i was afraid). Then the rainbow entered in the house. It was passing through the wall like a ghost, but the rainbow was going after me then pushing against me like it was solid.

V6bMJEA? End the nightmare

I had a lot of dreams (nightmares) where i was able to "end" the nightmare. When i was afraid, i just had to "close my eyes" in the dream. Then after reopening my eyes, i was awake. But one time, it failed... i was deaming about being in an unknown house, to i was afraid of that. So i closed my eyes. After reopening my eyes, i was in another unknown house. I had to retry 2 or 3 mores times to get awake.


I had to run away from clones of my favorite fictional characters twice. I was almost captured several times but I got away eventually.

V1bMIZZ2020 Face was fuzzy

it started in my house in the kitchen. My mom was using the oven that was on the ceiling. She told me shpper was ready in 20 mi. Then I went into the entry way and looked ouaide the window. There was a blonde haired girl. Her hair was in a high pony and she was wearing a white shirt with grey pants. She was holding a sign that said something. Her face was fuzzy and so was the sign. After a while she dropped the sign and ran to my door she was knocking very fast. I could not move my feet were stuck to the ground. Then a man appeared. He had black hair and a goofy smile. He kidnapped her. Then j felt like someone was watching me when i woke up.

V3bHADD1995 Pictures of William Shakespeare

I had this reoccurring dream almost every month until I was about 13. I dreamed that my parents took me to a store where they only sold pictures of William Shakespeare. The store was full of these pictures. The picture was all the same picture but they varied in size. I walked through the store with my parents and all of the pictures would move and their eyes would follow me. Some pictures were just on shelves and some were set up in mock rooms. There was one room setup with a fireplace and a closet. There was a tiny picture of William Shakespeare in a frame on top of the fireplace. This picture terrified me more than any other picture. I wouldn't want it to see me or look at me or something bad would happen. Whenever I walked by this picture I would grab it and put it into the closet with the door closed. When I turned around after doing this my parents would be gone. I would have to search for them. I would always find them in a restaurant / bar that was attached to the corner of the store. I would grab them and plead with them to leave with me. They would then take me through the store to leave. When we passed by the room with the fireplace the small picture would always be back on the fireplace. When I saw it I would always feel all the pictures in the store\'s eyes on me. I would run for the front of the store but I could never find it. I would have the sense that something would be chasing me and there was nowhere I could hide. I would always try to wake myself up at this point by curling up into a ball, balancing on my knees, and rocking so that my forehead would tap the floor. If I did this long enough my head would eventually phase through the floor and I would wake up. I was so terrified of having this dream I would be afraid to go to bed if I hadn't had the dream in a while.

V3bMLSP2020  I'm still here

I was in my neighborhood with my friend and we split ways to go home and there was a guy in front of me walking in the shadows and once i got to my house he started running after me. I got in the house and he didn't but later on I looked out the window and he was ther so I went to the garage and opened the garage door to see if he was still there and he said Im still here creepily. he got in and i was running through the house trying to find a way out and thats when i woke up. I didn't want to look out the windows or even go near an exit for a couple hours and i was also home alone when I woke up.


I was being chased by the mob in my childhood neighborhood, I hid in my neighbor's house which happened to be Bernie Sanders' house


YouTube was showing me random weird and disturbing videos and it can\'t be turned off and I can't turn my head away from it

V1bHRAN2019 Whole world got covered in sand

in this dream, the whole world got covered in sand. The sand stretched around 5-6 stories high. how the dream started was that i got out of a car and looked around. I was on a highway, you know, the kind that was like a bridge type highway. anyways I walked around, half of the cars were in crashed positions, and there were no signs of life besides me. the other half of the cars were lined up on the side of the highway. there was sand in the air making a foggy atmosphere. I walked around for like 5-10 minutes before finding a city buried in sand. there were still no life forms besides me; that was until i saw someone running in the corner of my eye. I look towards the direction he was at and saw him for 2 seconds before he turned a corner vanishing behind a building. I looked around me and behind me was a sandstorm heading towards area i was in. i ran into a building that had a broken window (thats how i got in) and hid.
the sandstorm itself lasted 2 minutes and after that, i walked out the building and there was a group of people standing there talking to each other. I walked up to them and for a good section of the dream it was just me hanging out with the people. and my dream ended when another sandstorm came but i had nowhere to hide.

V1bHDIN2023 Yes, a viking!

I had this strange dream where I was Tin-Tin and was a part of a private detective team. Well, these weren't your typical detectives, there were a bunch of random characters (some were from books I've read, like the Hardy brothers) and a viking (yes, a viking)! So, we heard of the secrets that the "wealthiest man", Sir. Lizard (He was a blue lizard person wearing too fancy of attire, I'm talking cliche tuxedos and monocles), disappeared but he had oh-so manny secrets that our peculiar detective team had to figure out for some reason.
So, all of us headed into a giant, 1950's-looking mansion and started searching the place for Sir Lizard's secret memo. I remember the entrance had a giant ornate staircase, and there were bookshelves everywhere, a room with an artificial pond, and random portrait paintings neatly aligned everywhere on the walls. At one point, the viking activated a trap, then suddenly... all of the doors locked and sand started to pour in from the cielings! Everyone panicked and started looking for the exits, and I was trying to stop the sand from pouring in. That didn't work out well, but the others were able to find keys to unlock the doors. So, we ran around to look for an exit, and I seperated from the group. I found a ladder that lead to the roof, so I tried to climb up it. The hatch was closed, so I couldn't get through. When I came down the ladder, however, I found a little notebook... guess what it was? Sir Lizard's secret memo. The sand stopped pouring out and magically disappeared in the dream-like manner, and a door to an observatory / archive / library opened up downstairs. The group went to said room, and we were greeted by Sir Lizard, who congratulated us for our work and problem-solving skills, and explained that the whole thing was a test of some sort. We were allowed to leave, and everybody else was gone. I was the last one there, so I opened the last door to leave. I took a few steps out to a nice place with trees everywhere, then I woke up at around 6:30 AM.

V1bHCAND2023 Another Act

I was in a big warehouse that had been converted into a theater and for some reason it was for a school talent show. There was only a few people in the audience a family of four and another random person whom I did not recognize. There were a few bats flying in the back of the room which a little kid from the family who had red hair pointed out. I tried to sing but my voice wouldn’t work so I ran off stage. I left the theater to go change because I knew I had another act. I got to a hotel room and changed but I couldn’t find my way back to the theater. I wandered around the city for a while until a large gray vehicle was speeding towards me. I woke up right before it hit me.

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