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XI1bCTRE2018 North Korea is a car park with unicycle cars


I had a dream that I was in North Korea, except it was a multi-storey concrete car park. It was chaos, everyone was trying to escape but we all had cars with one wheel (like unicycles) which made it hard to organise and park. There were little doors with sweets in the walls and red lighting everywhere. It was loud and polluted. 


XI3bUDAN? Internal war


It had me wake up in a cold sweat, panicking, and just fucked off. And I thought I’d call them prophetic dreams because they feel like they are going to unfold into things that are going to happen in my life… I only had it once and it stuck with me. I’m living in a house when I had this dream, before I ever thought I’d come and experience this homeless condition and there’s other stuff that happens that I can’t remember… I’m in a tent it’s like a military tent, it reminds me of the oil canvas tents from the Vietnam and Korean wars era- we used to have one when we went hunting as a family. Really sturdy and big. There were these other people in there with me, and I’m with them and feeling their captivity and I am captive in this tent. It’s about the point I realise how -oh my God- how desperate it is that I need to get out of there. I’m now outside of and above the tent, and in front of the tent and there are three people in uniform and the uniforms are not distinctive at all they’re only navy blue, top and bottom with no insignias on them. In the dream state the uniforms are to signify that this is this team. And as I am above them, the team have three other ‘tent people’ on their knees execution style with their backs towards the other three. One of the three is wielding a shovel and he’s using that implement to assassinate these individuals. He strikes the first one in the head and the man goes down. He strikes the second one in the head and the man goes down. He strikes the third one in the head, it doesn’t phase the man, but of course the scalp… it’s horrific to see. It’s interesting as it’s happening I’m getting closer and closer and now I’m like right on the mans skull as the shovel takes a chunk of skull away and the man falls over. This is when I become aware that there is a clock tower in this yard thing and it’s going off it’s going “BONG BONG BONG” and I can’t for the life of me remember how many chimes. And maybe the third or fourth bong  this is when I wake up… and just woah… I was fucked off. But also what I perceived was, I was going to experience this at some point in my life, but manage to escape it… but also the military people, were are own people! The people in the tent were our own people- this was us!


XI1hHCAT2018 Architectural conspiracy


It was an island in the shape of a slipper where all the kids were being homeschooled. I was with ? on what looked like a movie set and ? came along and said that they were incorrect the plans. The rats gave the plans to this lady who was smart in a suit with glasses like cats (very 60s). Everything looks so 70s communist, and the she goes up and gets the best architect award for designing the casa popporului- Cecescu's parliamentent in Bucharest- she had a little model beside her. And everyone applauded. There's a ceremony but some people realise it's a conspiracy and start whispering. And the people the ladies and the rats fall into this thing where they are burnt and there is this low voice "raaaaabaaeawww" . 

XI1bMGRA2018 Bed politics


I had a dream that I was in bed with David Miliband. We were simply talking under the covers.

XI1bHCLA2018 A meeting with Trump and catching a buses to unexpected places


I was in Tunbridge Wells UK after finishing work and waiting for a bus back to Brighton. I felt very relaxed and happy and when I got on the bus was interested because the bus looked different than normal and I liked the lay out. There were different people than normal on it too and I got to people watch. As we drove along we were passing really beautiful countryside that was different than the usual countryside. I was mesmerized by it and happy to have some variation as I assumed we were taking a different more interesting route back to Brighton. After about 1 and a half hours I didn't recognise anything out of the window any more, was a little worried so asked the driver when we would get to Brighton. He said that the bus wasn't going to Brighton and we were heading north to Karlstad in Sweden instead and that we were nearly there. Then I understood why the countryside had lots of pine trees in it and long stretches between towns. I realised that the starting point had been Gothenburg and that I should have been going south from there to Borås/Brighton. I decided to get off at the next town as I didn't want to go to Karlstad. I asked the driver how to get to Brighton and he said he hadn't heard of it. I decided to be practical and check how much money I had so I reached in my pocket and I only had a fiver. I was overcome with a sense of being an adventurer and felt like an explorer faced with the exciting challenge of survival by using my wits. I got off the bus in a little town and walked down the street. It was before mobile phones so I wasn't able to contact anyone to let them know where i was and although part of me wanted to, it also contributed to the excitement of adventure and I was pleased modern technology didn't yet exist. I decided I needed a job so when I saw a big business office building I walked in. I got a days work doing data entry. It was really boring but I still felt excited by it all because it was part of my survival adventure and I was succeeding. At the end of the day I was told to go up to the board room so I did. When I got there Trump was in the room. He was pacing in front of a white board because he couldn't figure something out and when he saw me he said: ' You will teach me hunting language!' I told him I didn't know hunting language but he told me to teach it to him anyway. I said that i could Google it and see what i found about hunting language and he agreed. I felt quite chilled out. I sat at a PC on the other side of the room from Trump and found a site that explained the basics. The letters were a cross between Hebrew and Russian. I explained to him how to write the letters and asked him to write them on the white board. He kept getting them wrong and I had to correct him a lot but he didn't mind at all. He had lots of confidence and I was impressed that even though he wasn't very clever that it hadn't affected his self esteem. He was quite arrogant though and just assumed I would do what he said. I found it interesting to watch him and was psychoanalysing him. The words that kept coming in my head to describe him were: 'arrogant oaf'. He reminded me of a spoiled only child. I thought that it was probably because he was so rich that his parents had paid people to tell him he was special. After a while he said he'd had enough and that I could get the coach home from the car park opposite. The bus would take anyone who worked there home. It was the home bus. I got on feeling pleased I'd found a way home to Brighton but I also wondered how it could take everyone home if they lived in different places. After I got on Trump got on too and was showing off saying he was the CEO of the company and that anyone who worked there was really lucky as he was such a good boss. He was saying all the benefits of working for him and all the attractive business perks employees get. I got the impression that if i asked him for a job I could have one. I was tempted by the idea of security and scared I would cave in to the temptation and ask. I felt like I had to fight inside my head to keep my morality. Next to the home bus there were other buses in the car park. The one next to us had secondary school students on from China. They were having a trip to assess the cultural norms of big business abroad so that they could use their knowledge in the future to make money. They were in a group of 10. The first group had matching tight pink jeans. I was wondering why. Then a second group got off their bus and they all had tight purple matching jeans. The people were all thin. I said aloud: They are all size 10! Trump was making stupid racist comments based on my comment. People were laughing. I was disgusted and horrified that my thought might have the same racist routes as Trumps statements. I still felt the pull to ask for a job but decided that I had to choose morality so I got off the bus. Resisting the temptation was hard. I didn't know how I would get home and I felt tired from my long double work day as well as at the prospect of the difficult task of getting home but relieved that I wasn't compromising my moral integrity.

XI1bHTRE2018 Holiday in Falkland 


An island called Falkland but off Norway, like Svalbard but huge and stunning.  Remember seeing it, a blob on the map. Lots of postcard-esque shots at one point, like a powerpoint in my mind. Think on holiday but not at all relaxing. They were doing bomb experiments on the island. Spent a lot of time in sterile buildings or evacuating with school children. 

XI1bUTRE2018 Becoming native

I was with my brother trying to find a place to live in Denmark, meanwhile we were sleeping between people's houses inside cars but using their toilets in a secret manner in the night. A strange image sticks in my mind of the dream: I'm trying to superimpose my head using photoshop onto a Danish postcard. 

XI1bMCAT2018 Hiding from Trump in basement


I dreamed I was Trump’s concealer and I messed up for him. But I didn’t care. He was furious and I had to run and hide in the basement of my father’s neighbour which was flooded with wine. 

XI1bUIP62022 Stuck on Hawaii

So my family and I were on vacation in Hawaii (in my dream, not irl) and suddenly these massive warships showed up and a bunch of russian soldiers came out and started invading Hawaii, but my brother distracted them with a Mariokart tournament, and the americans took over the russian ships, so thaey were stuck on hawaii

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