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Family and Relationships

VIII8bUTRE2000 Bursting bubbles


This is a recurring dream that I had as a child. I am on a blue bouncy castle with my family (mother, father and brother). When I jump off and go to what feels like 'backstage', I suddenly notice a rusty pin sticking into the side of the bouncy castle and try to force it away from the membrane. The dream ends like in a film with the ‘camera’ zooming out of the picture of us bouncing and through the roof and I'm not sure whether it has popped the castle or not.

VIII1bMBET2015 Degree in heaven 


I had a dream that my dead father came through the door of my sunroom and there were lots of family there. There was a table set for us and I asked him if he had taken a degree in heaven and he said he couldn’t because he hadn’t paid his tax on earth.


VIII1bN?? Lover

I dream of a lover, we are only lovers in the dream state. In life we are just friends, I guess time will tell.

VIII1bHPAU? Couldn’t come to his party


In a neighbourhood that merged two different real childhood places, under heavy dark skies and very low cloud (it was daytime but dark and streetlight lit. I was rushing around to organise my dad’s birthday party. My died died 2 years ago.

In the dream it became increasingly painful having to explain to my dad that he couldn’t come to his party, because he had already died.

It felt quite sad. 


VIII4hNKAM2018 Sketchy engagement


I was returning from my 4 months of travel and my partner said he had a surprise for me in a small black box. I got flustered thinking he was proposing but it was a box of engagement ring drawings he had sketched. 

On the same night, my partner dreamt that he had created a design for my engagement ring. (We hadn’t discussed it recently and we were continents apart!)

VIII8bMAMY2006 Different kind of home


I wake up, take the key from my hidden cup (This exists, the key, the cup). The key is for my old house where I grew up. I walk the 15 mins from the new house where my mother lives, to this old childhood home; my Father (parents are divorced) has recently moved to Canada. I unlock the door, I go in, everything is different, someone else lives there. I go up to my bedroom and everything is the same. I climb into bed go "back to sleep." As long as I can stay asleep, the new people, whom I can hear downstairs, won't realise I'm there!

VIII1bUBET2015 Two of him


By a cattle grid- he’s crouching down by a puddle, my late father, there’s two of him. I say “why are there two of you” he says “because one of me is all my qualities”.

VIII1bMMAL? Secret love affair with grandpa

I’m having a secret love affair with my grandfather. One day my grandmother and mom come to talk to me to tell me that there (and everyone else) know about it, and don’t I see that he’s using me because he wants ‘young, healthy, children’. I feel naive and stupid. I’m then on their side and we leave the house- on a mission. We walk through a forest with tall, naked fire trees and see a small wooden cottage with smoke coming from the chimney. The sun is setting and the tall trees are throwing long shadows over the woods.

Walking up to the window we see that the house continues deep down into the ground- like a shaft. Deep down there there is a big fireplace with a roaring fire. In front of it my grandfather sits in an armchair. The fire is throwing a long shadow (similar to those of the trees) of him over floor, and the shadow if that of a devil! With horns...

To be added: I loved my grandfather and he was a lovely man!



A baby with Russian nurses and some part of me in the baby. 

VIII1bMANN2009 A visitor


I had a dream that my father had come to visit me. He was on the sofa and I was so happy to see him. I hugged him and never wanted to let him go. My father had died a few years previously. I really felt that he had visited me. 

VIII1bM?2018 Hooked up 


I moved into my nan’s house with my girlfriend. There was a giant vending machine in the floor. It was all the normal layout, except there was a room where someone we didn’t know was hooked up to a drip. This was a generally excepted fact. 



I had a dream that my wife didn’t just love me for my pockets. 



You were giving birth and I helped you somehow to push it out. 

VIII1bNCAT2019 Milky Water

Mum sent me to the shops to buy some milk, I came back with water. But she said that was okay and she poured it over some eggs. They hatched little chicks.

VIII1bCBES2019 The Girl

I was working at my job pushing carts at a grocery store. my store has three levels or underground parking. i was either on the 2nd or third, they are indistinguishable. I was by myself and my co-worked came from the stairwell with a new girl. She was the girl my boyfriend left me for. He knew i had been working there but i guess failed to mention I was still there or they did it on purpose. I was immediately angered, i wanted to go off and eventually i did. I need up making her upset and then i felt bad. She ended up losing her wallet and i found it, it was loaded with tones of cash and a bunch of other pictures,papers, and receipts. I was the bigger person and gave it back to her with everything and apologized to her. It wasn't her fault, it was his.

VIII1bMRUT2020 Look right

It was christmas, and my mother was wearing a velvet dress. We were in a big manor house but I still had to share a room with my little brother. My dad wanted to go to a drive to a waterfall, so everyone but my mum went to go and stand next to a waterfall. Then we went home and had to get dressed for the rest of the christmas stuff, which involved me putting on nice clothes, but for some reason I couldn't get my face to look right.

VIII1bMRUT2020 Trick

I was a rural Polish woman who had been engaged to a man from the village who I didn't like, so I tricked him into going away to war. It was summer and the sun was warm on my back and the grass was so, so green.


Dad was sleeping at my co-working space and every morning I had to come and clean up his mess before I started work.

VIII1bESUN2020 Paper White

It is summer time and I am at some sort of park on the beach. There are no clouds and it is very sunny. The sand is paper white. I am walking down a side walk leading from the park into the sand on the beach. I notice my shoe is untied. I attempt to tie it again and again and again. Somehow, I have forgotten how to tie my shoes. I see my friend walking towards me and call to her for help. She ignores me and continues walking. I turn around and open my mouth to yell some remark at her for ignoring me but then suddenly, I wake up.

VIII1bNRUS2016 Singing

Completely black (I think my eyes were closes) Me and Steph (girl I went on my most nervous and excited 1st date with 2 says before) were singing. I stopped singing, and realized that we weren\'t singing together, but she was singing to someone else. Then the most profound sense of peace sweeped over my whole body. That feeling faded away very slowly after waking up.


I dreamt of my old best friend and we were dating. The whole dream was basically just a lot of stuff people do when they date.

VII1bMRUS2003 Chapped Lips

It was three dreams, but I only remember the 1st & last one. They are all the same basicly. ( ? and I went on one very nervous 1st date, didn\'t talk for awhile before getting together a little at a Halloween parry at my house. That night the first dream started.) In the 1st one were out side playing basket ball at my apartment when I was 14. Both of us seem to be about 10 years old. We seem to be in a relationship and then she grabs basically my love handle just like she did at the Halloween party. She instantly pulls her hand back, palm covered in blood. I brush it off and make excuses like " That\'s just wear my swimming trunks kept chaffing me. I walk away when she won\'t accept my explainations. Feel like that dream ended way before I woke up. In the second one that I can\'t remember, we\'re a little older & at a different place I used to live. In the dream we\'re about 14, on the front porch couch of my house when I was about 16. We\'re holding each other and start kissing just like we did towards the end of that aforementioned party. She very gently bites my lower lip a little, and pulls away smiling with a little blood on the outside of her lips. 3 seconds later, she opens her eyes and says "What\'s wrong with your lip? It\'s bleeding." Again I make exscuses like my lip has been really chapped lately & I bit my own lip the other day. The last one seemed like I was only asleep a short period after the dream ended. Never saw her again after that. She had a military ex that was a few years older than ? & I. She ended up cheating on the next guy with the forementioned ex, and came back knocked up and married roughly 3 months later. The end.


I was in a rocket ship, and i was with my parents. Then they said time to go out and pushed me into space.

VII1bHAMA2015 I saw sugar

i was playing a game with my family starting in the street we came across a building with a room that looked like the inside of our house i saw sugar and ate it my father was upset and told me to hide in the room that was my room irl i was gonna hide in this gray bin but my parents were already hiding in there i was running out of time so i just went in the closet but these two royal egyptians slid it open and stabbed me in the stomache

VII1bHTRE2020 Sheep on the hill

I was getting married to ? but we had to heard some sheep on the hill, this big hill with trees, and then, when we were getting married we were put in this room with all these other people and squeezed through a door in this queue.

VII1bUCTS2002 She has flowers

It started out like a normal school day. My school was a mix of my old middle school and high school. I found myself bothered by ?, a guy who I despise irl for being creepy. After a while we go to the auditorium, and there is this presentation on how we will be gaining someone that is a aid, that we can use in our lives. We leave and the next morning we all go back to the aud, and there is a screen up that "reveals" who our person is in a system I can only describe as one of those gatcha machines you have in mobile games. I end up getting a "Super Superb" Of course, being me, it is ?. However, I am not supposed to see that it is her, but I somehow do anyways. Than I am lead on stage and we hug!!!! Also she has flowers,,, She makes sure that ? will never bother me again.

VII1bHPFD? 5th wheel situation

IRL I am in a relationship, have been with my partner for about 5 years. The dream itself is of a fictional location we go to as a means of vacation/escape from where we live. From what I see/feel, it's a vacation/tourist town we visit during the off-seasons, as it's always a slower pace, some shops are closed or have low visitor numbers. There's always a sense of us driving there, down into the valley, or maybe towards the river/lake. We always visit the docks and stare at the water and the hills beyond it. We always try to find something to eat. Sometimes we go while the town is busy with tourists. They have a small sports bar, one of those restaurants shaped like a large silver RV or 5th wheel situation. Sometimes I get the vision of brick or cobblestone streets. The dream is probably the only one I have involving my partner, which I find odd.

VII1bU4042014 Treatment

Had a strange dream.. I was in some place, like a hotel, where I and another of others were recovering from.. 'something'. While I was there I met a woman and we fell in love. When we kissed for the first time it felt real and I knew she loved me. Later I was in a 'treatment' room waiting to have sharp needles fired into my neck, it was like a tattoo gun but the nurse said it would much more painful, but I wasn't worried. As the nurse started to put my details into a hand held terminal my love came into the room to see me with a friend. We were married now it seems. She started to cry and said that she knew I would be better soon and that I would have to leave (wake up) and would never see me again. She had told her parents that she was pregnant (though she was not) and they had believed her and that they had agreed to buy me a house in London which I would find once I woke up. We kissed and said goodbye.. then I awoke. I'm going to miss her very much. I wonder what her name was?

(I remember being shaken for a long time after this and wondering if I could find my way back)

VII1bHABI2018 Flamingo Floatie

Today, My mom looked up my phone, And sending me my "Kofi Tip Jar" So I leave my car keys and I never left them home, I had a dinner were I pick from the mall is a Chocolate Mint Milkshake, and a cupcake that looks like a flamingo floatie.


i was sleeping with mom with izzy my sister in the living room and i see this strong purple light then when i looked outside everyone melted

VII1bNAED2022 Said Teddy

I have a teddy and brother both in real life and in the dream. This is about said teddy. (I'm 12 btw.) It was minecrafty in a way, my teddy's crafting recipie was:

[air] [iron] [air]
[iron] [air] [iron]

Yeah… weird. But for some reason, crafting was uncrafting. So I uncrafted my teddy and my brother stole the iron and then crafted a pillow from the iron. We had a BIG arguement about how the pillow is mine or something that lasted nearly the whole dream and in the end I won and recrafted my teddy.

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