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XII1bNROB2018 Charlton Heston 


All I remember was Charlton Heston was singing in Gaelic...


XII1bNCHA2018 Generic Blues


Last night I dreamt that I was recording bass to an incredibly generic Southern 12-bar blues Rock tune. I could even remember it when I woke up. For some artists, their most brilliant, uncompromising work comes to them in dreams. For me, it appears to be terrible Blues Rock. Darn the luck...

XII1bUTRE2018 Eric Clapton does karaoke


I had a dream that Eric Clapton was doing karaoke at the bowling alley (he was sort of a mixture of Ed Sheeran and Keane) and it sounded terrible- really out of sync (and we realised that there was a backing track underneath when the pianist forgot to play but we still heard piano). And we all had to wear kilts while we were there and ride wooden horses. And suddenly I realised that there was a whole other audience watching us. 

XII8b2CHA? Slow to join the band


I have had this dream repeatedly, in different forms, but it’s the same general play out. I was standing outside a venue after a gig by my favourite band, Gogol Bordello. The band were suddenly outside, around me. I’m not sure if it was a wall hanging or outfit of a band member, but it was there. There were some wooden picnic benches, although they didn’t really play a part in the ‘story’ I just remember them clearly. The lead singer was waiting around, and then I was talking to some members of the band. They asked me if I wanted to join the band. I did want to very much. I said yes, but I kept finding someone else to talk to, and the band were walking off. But they were walking slowly it was easy to catch up, and they kept turning around, saying come on! We’re going come if you want. And three of four times I caught them up and was on the verge of going with them, but even though I REALLY wanted to join, I just kept being too slow, and not just catching up and being in the most amazing band in the world. I always wake up before a conclusion- I’m never left feeling devastated that I missed on the opportunity, but I never actually join the bloody band either! 

XII1bHTRE2018 Funkytown


There was a weird insect called a hawthorn and it kept getting on me and burying itself in me, it was long with lots of legs, like maybe 20com and every time I picked it off it somehow reattached to me, it is horrible. There were loads of locations and I was going around looking for lifts- and there was like this cafe, a star wars cafe and we were preparing… then I woke up to pee.. then back in a dream, I was in this musical with people I knew, but no-one had told me what we were performing or the script. Back stage chaos, somehow I was subjected to the haunted side of the dressing room, it was terrifying to be in those bright damp rooms. There were all these parcels and we had 5 minutes to tear them open and decide what to wear for the performance, except we didn’t know what our characters were. And suddenly it was my turn to go on. I did a dance to the song funk-town or some song like that and people started booing and my trousers were slipping down and it went on in this fashion till my boyfriend woke me up going to the loo. 

XII1bCTRE2018 Smashing performance


Last days of school- I gave a performance of Pierrot Lunaire in my English class with smashed plates. It didn’t go down well and people started booing. 

XII1bHTRE2018 Moving coquettishly though the space


I’m making journeys across mountain ranges in the dark. There is snow. And I must find a book to rip out its pages. And then I’m preparing for a concert, with an awkward old audience, in a chaotic manner, and struggling to move fast enough. I wear yellow and black and sing cheek to cheek really out of tune but I move coquettishly through the space- I can’t tell if they are loving it or hating it. 

XII1bHTRE2018 Gamelan camp


In a refugee camp/ it’s a gym hall. Very dark lighting, corridors and I feel like maybe there was a flood. But I’m playing a concert of Indonesian gamelan music there. There is something that feels very interrupted and out of place about the dream. 

XII1bU?2018 Queen for Queen 

We where in this quaint Shropshire pub singing karaoke when the Queen walked in. She was escorted to the back room. I grabbed the mic, kicked open her door and serenaded her with Bohemian Rhapsody.  

XII3bUTIM2013 Unexpected soundcheck and the angry handsome German


The dream started in the green room of some large venue somewhere (could have been the electric ballroom) with John Lydon, and some of his friends. During the conversation (about music) it transpires that I'm the drummer with one of the bands playing that evening - some sort of imaginary band that are a mix between the Fall, Echo and the Bunnymen and Punishment of Luxury. 


Walking to stage for the sound check it seems the other bands are Iron Maiden and OMD and that from the large poster its part of a tour billed as the 'Angry old Men'. I realised that I had no idea what any of the songs were but I would have a go anyway as there was a mercy store in the venue selling CD's so I could learn the songs before the show.


The sound check went well except the toms kept spinning round on there axis and the bottom skin was made of metal (which didn't seem to bother be in the slightest) however I could see that a friend was doing the sound so I was sure it was fine. I seem to remember the cymbals sounded much better than mine.


So, at the merch store I found a cd and managed to play it on my phone somehow, it sounded pretty straightforward and though that will be fine. Then OMD turned up, except they looked like Bros and wore glittery suits.


It was then I remember that I had a trailer attached to the land rover and I had to get to the underground tip before the angry German guy caught up with me (No idea where that came from). While I was driving up a steep hill I saw a friend struggling up the hill on her crutches. I stopped to say hello, gave her a hug and told her I was playing near by. She seemed upset and I asked what was wrong and she told me that a mutual was moving into a new flat and she was worried it wouldn't be ready for him. I was aware that the angry German was coming and that I had to get a move on. so I said goodbye and I drove as fast as I could to the underground tip (in a deep sandy cave), executed a perfect hand break turn to put the trailer right next to the correct skip, just as the german turned up. 


He was tall and handsome and really cross. He slapped me across the face and asked me what I was doing. I told him I had to take some old papers to the tip. He grabbed my arm in anger so I jabbed my fingertips next to his throat and told him to “grab his wife (who was with him and looked bit like Greta Scacchi) if he wanted to grab someone and and not me”. he looked taken aback and I felt is control of the situation and quite safe. 


And that was it.

XII8bNROS? Echoing songs

My mother writes songs, and sometimes I'll hear a song echoing around my mind. A few days/weeks later, I'll wake up and she'll play me a new song. Lo and behold, I've heard it in my dream already.


This sound, it was so rich, like nothing I've heard, string-like, orb like.


XII1bEGHI2019 Beat

A friend of mine who was a producer sadly passed in 2012.

while I was in malaysia 2019 I had a very strange dream about him.

in my dream he was half ghost half human, and we were at an outdoor music festival together

I remember having to explain to him why his girlfriend was now married to his best friend and that he was actualy dead and thats why they wernt talking to him

anyhow we were walking through this field when we heard this amazing beat coming from the stage

i remeber looking at him and his face of pure amazment for this beat

he started getting really agitated telling me i had to remeber this beat no matter what I did

so I started drumming this beat as not to forget it. we carried on walking around the festival but my friend was just going on about this beat

ghin you cant forget this its so important

and im drumming away on my chest

and suddenly wake up to find myself intenstly drumming on my chest (like wake in the reality not in the dream)

never experienced anything like this in my life before

i recorded the beat instantly

and in the morning went straight to the temple and made offerings for him to rest peacefully

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