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Our archive is a cabinet of curiosities: of intimate, beautiful and bizarre dream narratives. Compare your experiences to others or

add your own to our archive. These experiences are not only fun to read, but patterns between dreamers and dreams are important for all sorts of oneirological (dream) research. Use these stories as inspiration for your own creations...

We give each dream a unique classmark, which identifies 4 categories plus the author name and year it was dreamt. We categorise dreams according to:

  • Dream Subject: The subject or the central image of the dream (the main essence of the dream or action driving the narrative of the dream- flying, falling, politics, escaping etc) <Indicated by Roman numeral>

  • Dream State: What kind of dream was it/what condition was the dreamer in (nightmare, somnambulism, sleep paralysis, lucid dream etc) <Indicated by number>

  • Sleep Location: Where it was dreamt (e.g. bed, tent, street, public transport, hammock) <Indicated by small letter> 

  • Dream Location: The location within the dream (hybrid location, elemental, urban, unconventional) <Indicated by Big letter>

We update these classmarks according to the dreams people submit- so don't be afraid to submit something that's different!

We have filtered out any discrimantory or inappropriate or very graphic content however some content may still be triggering (in particular dreams in troublemaking and death). We advise that this archive is not suitable to be used unsupervised by those under 14. Please do get in touch at the bottom of the page if any of the content concerns you.

Metadata system created by Lucie Treacher and Ruby Revell


Dream Subject 

I. abstract

II. flying and falling 

III. getting wet

IV. troublemaking

V. escapology

VI. body

VII. animal 

VIII. family and relationships

IX. death

X. parnormality and spirituality

XI. politics

XII. music

Dream state

1. conventional dream state

2. lucid dream 

3. nightmare

4. mutual dream

5. sleep paralysis

6. dreams within dreams  

7. prophetic dream

8. recurrent dream

9. OBE

Sleep location 

b. bed

t. tent

s. street

c. caravan

p. public transport

h. hotel

Dream location 

H. hybrid location 

C. urban/conventional/familiar

E. elemental/natural setting

U. unconventional/unusual

M. home in some shape or form 

N. locationless

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