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Flying and Falling

II3bEPAM2018 Like a balloon


I was flying to the sky but I couldn’t land. I tried to get on something to keep me from rising... I was going up to space, to nowhere. I was like a balloon- I couldn’t get down.

II1bETRE2018 Childhood landscape


I was flying over a childhood landscape, deforested, fragmented. My mother had chopped down a banana tree in the garden and was sobbing- she couldn't forgive herself for it.


II1tNTRE2018 Rice Sandwiches


I dreamt I was trying to fly to an Indian restaurant. To sustain us on our journey we made rice sandwiches.


II5bHCAT2012 Curious about this place


I opened my eyes but I couldn’t move my body. It happened again after some years without any sleep paralysis. But somehow I’m glad I had it this time. My body was in shock and I panicked. I felt a pressure or a pain in my stomach, that I used to feel in my chest before. I’m conscious so I realise the difference. I remembered about what I had read regarding this state. I tried to calm down- I know there is no point in trying to wake up my body or scream. Once I let my body go I felt a strong sensation of being sucked into a void. Now I know… that it wasn’t a pressure on my chest it was actually something pulling me out through the bed. Suddenly I’m flying above a big city, with tall buildings in the nigh-time. I’m lucid although I can’t figure it out. Either it’s a dream or not. I start being a bit afraid of the experience and I think about waking up. I’m again in my bed, I open my eyes but I’m in a state of dream paralysis again. I’m a bit scared but I want to go back. I want to understand a bit more about what’s THERE. I let myself go and I feel the same void but I wake up in my room. I’m there in the bed and the room starts deforming. Plenty of big bugs start walking on the walls and go towards my body lying in the bed. I panic, I’m again in my paralysed body. I try hard enough to get back in control: I move my hand, I look at it. I’m awake now, by myself in the room. I think a bit about what happened and I fall back to sleep. I’m still a bit in shock but somehow I wish it will happen again. I’m curious

about this place… 

II3bNJOS? Falling clouds


I’m looking at a cloud in the sky and it just falls right out of the sky, falls to the ground. It’s morbidly terrifying to watch it fall. 

II1bPET1993 Flying failure


A few days after failing an oral exam I dreamed of having the same exam again. This time, I could correctly answer all questions, but in the end my professor asked me to fly around the office. I was terrible at that and bumped against the walls several times (that’s when I realised that it was a dream), so I failed the exam again. 

II8bEAFS? From space


I’m falling into the sky from space. I’m just falling for hours and hours. It feels really nice. And the weathers constantly changing, from raining to snowing, changing colours. But it never feels bad even if theres a thunderstorm right next to my ears. It’s one of my favourite dreams, it’s so beautiful. It’s constant, it’s on loop, it’s really cool. I have that dream usually when I’m in a really good place in my life. 

II8bNPET? Like riding a bicycle


I had various flying dreams, dreams were I was moving my legs by just pedalling them, like riding a bicycle, and I would slowly go up. I could steer by using the handlebars. It’s an element that often appears in several dreams 

II8bNELL?  Change directions


I have a lot of flying dreams, so I’m in a situation and I can tell myself to fly and change directions- I can feel it physically, different textures. They usually last at least an hour and a half and by the end of it I’m really exhausted. 


II2BCMAN? Cycle off the walls


I was running from some dogs and I was cycling and I was on an alley. I thought maybe I could cycle on the walls, somehow I start to cycle on the walls, horizontally. I was in the air. And I suddenly realised this was not a dream anymore, this was a lucid dream. But I got scared at it must have only lasted 5 minutes, I just woke up after that. I tried to go back but it was so hard to get back. 

II1bHCOS1997 Bouncy chimneys

I was in primary school, in a Victorian classroom. I finished my work and was queueing up to hand it in to the teacher when I was looking around the space. A small room, I was standing in front of an unlit fireplace, I was sucked up the fireplace and became an animation, in a white space of cartoon chimneys, I was flung up and landed on a chimney, it pushed down and sprung me up again and I bounced from chimney to chimney.

II8bCPRO? Sky control


My favourite recurring dream (occasional):

I have the ability to fly with complete control over my movement in 3 dimensions. And use this power to explore new places, going in and out of windows and doors and streets. Usually a cityscape.

II6bHCAT2012 I fixed on some wings


I realised I was dreaming by at looking at my phone- there was something odd with the hour, I think the clock was going anticlockwise. In this dream I was kicked our by the police from a student dorm. I thought about flying so I fixed on some wings and I flew above the mountains- it felt so real! After a little while I thought I should probably wake up as I started to think that I might be in a deep state of sleep. Interesting thing is, once I had this thought and ‘woke up’ I thought it was real. But in fact I woke up in another dream, but this time without being conscious I was dreaming. In this dream I started to tell a friend (someone who I thought was a girlfriend of my friend, but actually in reality he didn’t have a girlfriend at the time) about my lucid dream, but she told me that I shouldn’t do this anymore, that lucid dreaming is not good for me, and a dream should be dreamed not controlled.

II1bETRE2018 Suspended

I’m watching myself on TV, suspended high up in the clouds on a cluster of tightropes, blindfolded with planes roaring past and singing as I fall.

II2bETRE2019 Falling Moon


At Night. The Moon fell out the sky. At first it was joyous and beautiful as it bounced through the stratosphere, then at closer look it was on fire and rolled into my favourite forest and set fire to it. Something was in my way so I couldn’t quite see the damage… on vast beaches… water (someone says I shouldn’t be sharing my water)… trying to catch taxi and reposition microphone….reading instructions on what happens if I leave things places (inside lecture room), they won’t throw it away but there are these people who take care of things but they are more like bailiffs.

II1bESAV2016 Each time I hit the ground

I was on an airfeild and there were about 20 runways. There were hundreds of airplanes of many difrent sizes, all in line to take off. The sky above was crowded with airplanes as well. I got into a small two person open cockpit plane with a nameless friend of mine. we got in the line and took off. once we got up to about 6000 ft. I jumped out of the airplane doging between the other airplains. I hit the ground hard, and I felt like I should have died but I didn't. Then I got back into an airplane and did it over and over. Each time I hit the ground I though that "That fall should have killed me" but it didn't. I woke up in the middle of falling.

II1bHMAR1975 Silk Twirler

I was practicing my HS color guard routine in my backyard. I was a sword twirler but in the dream I was twirling a silk (flag). I had the flagpole in my right hand and the wind blew the free end of the silk into my left, which I grabbed. Then I was lifted into the sky and flew all around the neighborhood, just above the tops of the trees. This was the first of MANY flying dream I had as a teenager, eventually not requiring any object to lift me. I just jumped up.

II8bHANO2016 Slippery Tubes

i was trapped inside an inflatable room and it kept getting smaller and i fell through the floor into really thin and slippery tubes and i kept going down and i couldn't go back up then i fell into a maze of those same tubes (by the way they were made of plastic) and got lost then the tubes collapsed and i fell and i landed on a big glass platform and it tipped as if unstable (it was floating) and it was simultaneously cracking and then it tipped me of and broke and i fell into oblivion . . .

II1bUCAR? Black and Green

my dream was all black and green, like night vision goggles. i was floating in a really big tent filled with beds. in one of the beds i can see my father, he seems sick, but i can't tell. at the foot of the bed i see myself, my mother and my brother. i just kind of floated there for an hour while my father laid in bed and my family left.

II1bEPAN1970 Scripted

In an airy spaceship tumbling though infinity, partly weightless, and out of the windows, yes I too am beyond the windows, the constellations in intricate, manicured detail, scripted and join-the-dotted and backlit against the glad darkness.

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